Cultural Diversity: Business as Usual at InterNations

Cultural Diversity Day — or rather World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, as the UN calls it — takes place annually on 21 May. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between cultures to work towards peace, stability, and development. Overcoming cultural differences and connecting global minds is one of the most important motivators for us as well. In fact, the diversity of our communities is precisely what makes them so great.

This month, we would like to shed some light on the many ways in which our communities around the world celebrate cultural diversity and bring people from all over the world together.

Cinco de Mayo

Although Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken for Mexico’s national holiday, it is not. Instead, it commemorates the Battle of Puebla and the unlikely victory of the Mexican over the French troops. That being said, Cinco de Mayo is still a very popular holiday, which is mostly celebrated far beyond the Mexican borders.

Some of our communities also got together this month to celebrate this holiday InterNations style. On Friday, 5 May, our community in Jakarta met at an authentic Mexican restaurant to enjoy some cool drinks, participate in a lucky draw, and just have fun all around. The highlight of the evening was the live band and the chance to get on stage and perform a song.

Somewhat late to the party, members in Goiania have the chance to celebrate Cinco the Mayo on Friday, 19 May. Aside from great food and cool cervezas, there is the great company of other global minds and the chance to learn a thing or two about Mexican culture.

The Historic Old Market District with its cobblestone streets and little taverns is the destination of our Omaha Community’s next event. On Wednesday, 25 May, they will celebrate Cinco de Mayo, as well as Mexican culture and heritage, at a great local restaurant.

Celebrating Culture at Home and Abroad

Our groups don’t just wait around for Cultural Diversity Day. They always have a reason to celebrate different cultures, traditions, and languages from around the world. In Istanbul, for instance, our French Language & Culture Group is dedicated to everything French. On Friday, 12 May, group members met at a charming bistro for an apéro dinatoire. They chatted in French over a glass of wine and enjoyed the evening together.

The Gateway of Culture Group in Rome met on Saturday, 13 May, to explore the culinary foundations of Italian culture: grapes and olives. There were a lot of smaller events and conferences that took place at the Etruscan National Museum Villa Giulia that day, including a seminar on wine and olive oil, and a tasting banquet that allowed the group members to get to know more about Italian cuisine.

Those looking for a more active approach, should join the Zurich Indomania Group on Sunday, 28 May, for a Bollywood Dance work-out. All group members are invited to celebrate the spirit of Bollywood together, but keep in mind that a basic fitness level is required for this activity.

The Vienna Painting and Drawing Group is going to take a more theoretical approach to culture and cultural diversity. On Thursday, 1 June, the group will make a cultural map to explore their cultural experiences. This creative activity comes with a small wine tasting.

Our Classical Concerts Group in Hong Kong will gather on Friday, 2 June, to enjoy a performance by the Orchestra Philharmonique de Radio France. With classic tunes from Debussy to Ravel, the performance will bring France to Hong Kong.

And now for a little bit of history: the Paris Italian Culture Group will attend the exposition “Ciao Italia!” on Italian immigrants in France and learn about a century of cultural contribution. Afterwards, they will go out for a drink and exchange their own stories of arriving in France as a foreigner.

A Bit Out of the Ordinary

One thing that makes us proud is that all our communities celebrate the cultures that influence them in their own special way. InterNations Munich, our home base, hosted a Latin party on Thursday, 20 April. “La vida es una fiesta” was the motto, as expats and global minds met at a hot new club and danced all night to Latin tunes.

The community in Cincinnati dedicates each month to another holiday, country, or culture. Their event in May focused on the culture and heritage of Japan. Event attendees got together for a relaxed dinner at a sushi restaurant and got to know each other better.

Our community on the Canary Islands is getting ready to celebrate Canarian Day on Saturday, 27 May. The purpose of this holiday is to honor the culture and diversity of the whole archipelago. Members will meet at a traditional restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to enjoy delicious local food, talk about their life on the islands, and simply enjoy each other’s company.


No matter if you have celebrated the national holiday of your home abroad or simply spent time with your international friends, let us know how you celebrate cultural diversity this May.

Image credits: 1-3) InterNations, 4) Pexels, 5 + 6) InterNations.

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  3. Hi Friends.Enjoying a lot all over in InterNations?For me- I enjoyed a group party at the Pearl Hotel Resorts,a beautiful location on the sea beach in Umm Al Quain, an emirate of UAE,around 85 km from Dubai on May 5.The group was formed with all international expats + families residing at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to celebrate the weekly holiday on this day in a befitting manner. We all reached the spot by 10.00 am,assembled in the Banquet hall,had breakfast there. Played cricket match, drink session and then dive into swimming pool.After lunch, musical session was highlighted and rendered by our expert amateur crooners followed by game competitions, making funs and Photo sessions until evening. After snacks & tea and finally enjoying the whole day with the team,rushed back home,

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    That does sound like a lovely day! I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed our event so much.

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