Thanksgiving and Fireworks — Beat the November Blues

Halloween is over and the December Holiday season hasn’t quite picked up speed yet. November is a quiet, in-between month, mostly spent in anticipation of the end of the year. Fighting off the November blues seems like a serious task for most expats, especially those who live in the northern hemisphere where the days are getting shorter and darker. Luckily, our events this month offer the perfect opportunity to kick that winter depression to the curb.

Plenty of Reasons to Leave the House

On Wednesday, 9 November, our community in Nairobi embraced its multiculturalism by celebrating Cambodia’s Independence Day. The members were encouraged to wear anything Cambodian to commemorate this special day and make their friends from Cambodia feel welcome.


Whizz, Bang, Pop: The London Picnic or Afternoon Tea Group had a blast celebrating Guy Fawkes Day on Saturday, 5 November. Together, the members watched the amazing fireworks at Battersea Park and gathered around the bonfire to enjoy some hot drinks afterwards.


On Saturday, 19 November, it was time for a Thanksgiving potluck for InterNations Las Vegas. Members were asked to share their culture with each other by bringing a traditional dish or beverage of their home country. In the end, it turned into a wonderful celebration and a great opportunity for everyone to get together.

Las Vegas

Those who haven’t had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving yet, should join Tashkent DinnerNations on Saturday, 26 November, for a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. You will get the chance to enjoy a great meal full of traditional Thanksgiving delicacies, and share wonderful stories with other expats.

Thanksgiving is not just about the food of course, it is also about being grateful for what you have and spending the day with your loved ones. For all those who cannot spend it with their family this year, our community in Raleigh is celebrating Friendsgiving on Thursday, 1 December.

Who Cares if It’s Dark?

You are not the festive type? Don’t you worry, there are many ways to beat that November Blues!

After all, who cares if it’s dark? Our Stockholm community, which experiences November as the darkest month of the year, decided to celebrate and have a great time, despite the lack of sunlight. On Wednesday, 16 November, the members met at Hard Rock Café to enjoy some drinks, have dinner together and just mingle and make new friends.


Although it is currently summer there, our members in the Gold Coast are in the right mood to get ready for the festive season. They got together at the lovely Marina Mirage on Thursday, 17 November, to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and view, and used the opportunity to discuss their holiday plans and share ideas of little get-aways and festive things to do.

Gold Coast

InterNations Tenerife also found a way to make November just a little bit more cheery, by celebrating under the stars. On Saturday, 19 November, members met at a park café lounge to enjoy Canary tapas y picoteo while mingling with other expats and making new friends. All in all, it was an unforgettable evening!


How are you spending this November? No matter if you are celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends or if you are mingling at different bars and clubs, tell us more about it in the comments!


Image credits: InterNations

6 Responses to “Thanksgiving and Fireworks — Beat the November Blues”

  1. Could you tell me if is an Internations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?
    We plan to move there next year and wish to have some french or american contacts.
    Thank you for your answer.

  2. No, I’m afraid that we don’t have an InterNations Community in Puerto Vallarta yet. The closest one would be the one in Guadalajara.

  3. I would like information of activities in Quito ,Ecuador. Thanks

  4. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for getting in touch! If you are already a member of our Quito Community, you just need to log in at InterNations and click on the Events tab in the navigation bar (the one with the little calendar symbol). Then you’ll get a list of all upcoming events and activities in Quito.

    Right now, the only activity planned for the near future is the meeting of our Quito Business Networking Group, which will actually take place tonight. You can find more information about the presentation here.

    Or you could contact any of the Quito Ambassadors to find out what they have in mind for December.


  5. Where are we celebrating ours in cotonou

  6. Hi Badmus,

    Thank you for getting in touch! If you are already a member of our InterNations Community in Cotonou, you just need to log in and click on the Events tab in the navigation bar (the little calendar symbol). Then you’ll find a list of all upcoming events and activities in Cotonou.

    Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any upcoming events scheduled right now. If you’d like to, you could also contact the local InterNations Ambassadors to find out what they have planned.


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