What’s a day like in your life? — The Top Three Photos of Our #MyGlobalLocalLife Contest

Last month, we asked you to express your creative side and show us what expat life is like in your city. Be it your favorite spot to hang out with your friends, a night out at an InterNations event or you and your friends doing an activity together and just having a great time: we wanted to see it all on Instagram. The main condition of this contest was that you had to be in the picture to win.


Under the hashtag #MyGlobalLocalLife, we received over 700 contributions from all around the world; a quite overwhelming number. It was great to get an impression of your favorite spots in your city, or your favorite activity.

Now, we are happy to present the winning pictures of #MyGlobalLocalLife!

3rd Place: Las Dunas de Banî, Republica Dominica

MyGlobalLocalLife3_altOur third place winner @fioresflorentino shared her impression of a great day at the beach. Together with the Dominican Republic Outdoor, Mountain, Beach, River Group, she visited Las Dunas de Banî and just had a blast. The little desert in the Dominican Republic was the group’s third destination in total. “Each trip has been a great experience to learn from each other and to enjoy this beautiful country, great memorable days.“
Next time, they will head to Santiago de Los Caballeros and surely have an equally great time.

2nd Place: Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris


@rkresi20 shared a tranquil moment at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris with us. The museum is located between the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower and has a collection of over 10,000 art works. It is one of the biggest museums of modern and contemporary art in the country. The room which shows this iconic work of art is thus only one of the many pieces on display.

1st Place: Mount Pinatubo, Philippines


The winning picture of this contest was submitted by @ruthkharen and shows her crossing a river on Mount Pinatubo with some of her InterNations friends. This volcano in the Philippines last erupted in 1991 and roads to its peak are closed during the rainy season. @ruthkharen explains: “We were headed to the Peak (Crater Lake), but before we could get there and hike up the volcano, we had to take this 4×4 ride across 21 kilometers of mud, sand, rocks, puddles, cliffs of ashes, and rivers that formed in the former lavascape that had been cleared out.“

Despite the difficult car ride and hike through treacherous terrain, this great picture and the view from the top made it worth the struggle: “The tough ride and slippery hike up through rivers and ashes were all worth it once we got to the top. It was beautiful everywhere and so much fun!”

Thank you to everyone who contributed a picture and allowed us to catch a glimpse of their global-local life and congratulations to the winners of this contest!

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  1. Awesome fantastic pic which won the contest.It was really hard & tedious journey.I salute them all !!! Also appreciate those two pics achieving 2nd & 3rd place.

  2. @Tapan:

    We received so many great submissions that it was really hard to choose only three winners.

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