Expat Life? There Must Be an App for That!

“Why is there no InterNations mobile app?” or “when is the app coming?” are questions we’ve been hearing a lot, whether in our forum, at official events, on social media, or simply as part of the feedback we have received from our members in the course of our ongoing website relaunch.

“It’s the most frequently asked question when I talk to our members at events all around the world”, says InterNations Founder & Co-CEO Malte Zeeck. “During my community visits, I always ask members for their honest feedback about InterNations, and a mobile app appears to be high on everybody’s wish-list.”

share of login across devices

Of course, the high demand for a mobile app doesn’t come as a surprise. The share of devices used to surf the web is shifting more and more towards mobile, be it tablets or mobile phones.

We have also observed this trend on InterNations: the percentage of members visiting our website from mobile devices is increasing constantly. Last month, for instance, only just over half the logins on InterNations were still made through desktop computers. This is hardly surprising, considering not only the general trend, but particularly the international and mobile lifestyle of our members!

Long Awaited — Nearly There: The InterNations App(s)

This year has been a busy one for InterNations, with an ever-growing member base and the relaunch of the platform keeping us here at headquarters on our toes. However, it is this relaunch and the fact that our website is now being mobile optimized that has paved the way for the long-awaited app!

InterNations Team at Work_big

Or should we say apps? “We are currently busy developing both, an iOS as well as an Android app,” reveals Philipp von Plato, the co-CEO and also a founder of InterNations. “We’re planning to launch a first version of both apps in the first quarter of the upcoming year. This will be a long-anticipated milestone in our company’s history and working with our Product Team and the developers on it has been immensely exciting so far!”

So what will the app look like? Very similar to what you can see in the picture below. And it will of course allow you to comfortably use InterNations on the go — be it in order to connect with fellow members you’ve just met at an event, reply to a message (or Twinkle!), accept an invitation for brunch with your local InterNations Business Networking Group, check for upcoming events on your next business trip or vacation, or join a group that’s been recommended to you…

Expat life? There will be an app for that!

A preview of the upcoming InterNations apps for iOS and Android

21 Responses to “Expat Life? There Must Be an App for That!”

  1. Would you need help with beta testing of the app?

  2. Please make sure that your android app designers read this: https://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/introduction.html

  3. @Jakob:

    I’m sure our designers are aware of such guidelines. But thank you for pointing it out anyway. 🙂

  4. Hi,
    We have an APP for foriegners in Hefei,Anhui, China.
    You may be interested in viewing.


    Of course we are interested in cooperating however we can.

    We also have an agreement with NiHao APP, also worth viewing.

  5. Can’t wait for that!!happy there will be soon an app.

  6. @Filomena:

    We’re glad to hear that. We’ll keep you updated!

  7. No Windows 10/phone app?? I hope that changes soon…

  8. @Felix:

    For the moment, we’re focusing on Android on iOS, but we’ll keep you updated if Windows 10 should be added to the mix as well.

  9. Thats great news, being an App Developer myself 🙂
    Am so grateful that the world is now finally catching up to mobile including their websites. It gets very frustrating as an early adopter!
    Glad you are using your analytics to track.

  10. @Janice:

    The redesigned features issued during our ongoing site relaunch are also mobile-friendly, but hopefully, the upcoming apps will provide an even better user experience for members with smartphones or tablets.

  11. I am really looking forward to the app! Thanks for the effort

  12. @Annie:

    Thanks for the feedback! We’ll keep you updated.

  13. So glad you’ll soon have an app.

  14. @Nancy:

    We’ll definitely keep you in the loop about the upcoming app!

  15. It’s from last year but it is indeed good news. But why don’t you create an API instead? So 3rd party apps such Windows 10 or future devices will be covered?

  16. We wanted to first focus on the devices that most of our members use. Let’s see how this goes!

  17. When are we likely to see this app hit the stores – 2016? 2017?

  18. The InterNations App is indeed one of our essential projects for 2016, so 2017 might be a tad late. 🙂

  19. Hi – is there an update on the release timeframe for the mobile app? At least a rough guidance (Q2, Q3) would be helpful.


  20. The release of the mobile app is definitely our top priority right now. We’ll let you know once we have a specific date.

  21. being an expat is not east as tthought.. internation has to come with a app project asap imo

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