InterNations Relaunch: New Messaging Feature Live!

If you’ve been an InterNations member for the past six months, or longer, you’ve probably noticed that quite a few things on our website have changed. Our major site relaunch is still ongoing.

We are gradually updating the entire website to provide you with the best possible experience across our online platform. Design, navigation, and usability are all going to receive a complete “makeover”.

InterNations Expat Blog_Relaunch_Messaging Feature_Pic2 We have just released the latest instalment of the InterNations relaunch. Socializing online is just as important as our regular offline events and activities around the world. So, we’re making networking and communication easier for you than ever.

After a successful beta testing phase (a big “thank you” to everyone who participated!), we can now share the new and improved messaging and search features with all of you.

What’s this part of the relaunch all about?

In line with our enhanced networking experience, the latest updates make finding other members and getting in touch with them as easy as possible.

As we believe that these are essential features of our platform and help to ensure an active and rich community life for everyone, all InterNations members now enjoy unrestricted access to our messaging and search functions.

What has changed?

MESSAGING: We have introduced a new way of organizing your inbox. Your messages are now grouped into ongoing conversations with other members. This will help you keep track of back-and-forth communication at a glance.

• You can also write group messages to your contacts and have a conversation with multiple members at once. Every message that’s part of a multi-way conversation is visible to all recipients.

• It is now simpler, too, to find past conversations in your inbox. You can simply search your messages by name (i.e. of the person you were talking to).

• Last but not least, your whole inbox now sports our sleek, brand-new design.

messaging for  blog

SEARCH: Our advanced member search is also available in our updated design! The tool now offers all members lots of powerful search criteria, such as nationality, city of residence, interests, and more. Find like-minded members and expand your network!

Just log in and try it out for yourself: Look for other members with the same interests and get connected. Get in touch with your InterNations friends, wherever they are in the world. Write as many messages as you want (within reason 😉 ).

Get active in your InterNations Community and have fun! More than 1.4 million InterNations members across the globe are waiting for you to join them online or at one of our 3000 monthly events & activities worldwide.

(And watch this space for more news on our site relaunch.)

4 Responses to “InterNations Relaunch: New Messaging Feature Live!”

  1. Face to face networking at the monthly InterNations events is a big part of the networking experience. When I logged into your new platform today, I could no longer find upcoming main events that I regularly attend. I can’t RSVP and attend an event if I can’t even find it. This is quite alarming.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having technical problems with our site. Could you please send a message to, so they can look into the matter? Thanks!


  3. hello

    Thats great page and i think When I logged into your new platform today, I could no longer find upcoming main events that I regularly attend

  4. Hi Julio,

    Thanks a lot for letting us know! I have forwarded your mail to our support team via


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