InterNations Relaunch: Networking Now in Beta Phase

Have you already signed up for our InterNations beta testing program? As a beta tester, you will be part of an exclusive group: the first members to see and try those parts of our website that are going through a major relaunch.

Today, we have just released the first round of changes to update an essential part of the InterNations website — the features that help you manage your international contacts and network with other expats and global minds.

New Networking Experience for Beta Testers

Here’s what our beta testers can try out:

InterNations Expat Blog Beta Test Networking * Connecting with other InterNations members is now a lot easier. You can add them faster to your network. You may still add a personal message if you wish, but this part is now optional.

* The page for contact requests sports a brand-new look: The design is sleek and simple, and more importantly, we have increased its general user-friendliness.

* It really matters to us that all our members feel comfortable and safe when using our website. Therefore, we have added a new functionality to networking on InterNations: You can now block another member from twinkling you, as well as sending you a contact request or a personal message.

Give It a Try and Have Your Say

We hope that the first installment of our site relaunch will enhance your InterNations user experience. Just check out the screenshot in this entry, or try out the new features yourself on InterNations.

If you aren’t a beta tester yet, there’s still time to sign up for the beta testing program!

Got any suggestions regarding the new networking functions? Need to ask us some questions about this part of the relaunch?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

Please understand that we may not be able to reply to everyone individually. However, we will indeed read every comment and do our best to accommodate your input and clarify open questions.

Thank you for your support!

(Image credit: InterNations — To see a full-sized version of the new contact requests page, please click on the small screenshot included above.)

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