29 Shiny New Expat Communities for You

InterNations has some more new Local Communities! Find out where they are and how your city can become a Local InterNations Community too!

It’s always a pleasure for us to make this happy announcement, and today the time has come again:

InterNations has opened more new Local Communities!

This means that InterNations is now represented in more than 350 cities worldwide, connecting 600,000 people across the globe. Just in time for InterNations 5th birthday in September, we would like to welcome the following cities into our league of Local Communities:

Genoa and Venice in Italy
Groningen in the Netherlands
Leuven in Belgium
Zug and St Gallen in Switzerland
Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Brighton and Belfast in the UK
Cork in Ireland
Chiang Mai in Thailand
Suzhou in China
Osaka and Kobe in Japan
Monterrey in Mexico
Viña del Mar in Chile
Stavanger in Norway
Brno in the Czech Republic
Wroclaw in Poland
Uppsala in Sweden
Al Ain in the UAE
Edmonton in Canada
Omaha, Cincinnati, Columbus, Tampa, New Orleans and Honolulu in the USA

Are you based in one of these cities? Log into your InterNations profile to meet your new Ambassadors and find out when the first official InterNations event in your brand new Local Community will take place. Kick-off events have already been announced in Viña del Mar, Durban, Honolulu and Zug, among others. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other expats and Global Minds in your city!

Being part of an InterNations Community has some obvious advantages, and we want to make sure that as many of you as possible can benefit from them. Our Local Communities are like a virtual home for our members. They provide the infrastructure for them to meet new people, organize regular events and activities and exchange tips and information in their local forum. And best of all: If you are part of an official InterNations Community, you will get your own Ambassadors who will do their best to make sure that your expat experience is a pleasant one! They are your first point of contact if you are new in town, they organize regular events so you can meet other members in your Community face-to-face, and they represent InterNations in your city.

Two or three times a year, InterNations opens up new Local Communities for its members around the world. We have been doing this for a couple of years now and we will try to keep the process going in the future.

Do you live in a city which does not have its own InterNations Community yet? Well, it could be next on our list! All we need is some active InterNations members who may be interested in getting something going in your city. Sounds like you? Get in touch with our Community Management team via our Ambassador page and let them know you’re out there! We hope to hear from you soon!

For now, we wish all our new Local Communities and their Ambassadors a great start. Enjoy!

Photos by Joe D (Bristol) and GatoOH (Viña del Mar), courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. I live in Suzhou.China now,but i can not register in your website.It said that “Not valid location information. Try to choose location again and submit the form.”So. how to deal with it?

  2. Hi Wayne,

    I’m sorry to hear you had some problems with the registration process. I’ve forwarded your message to our Member Relations Team via support@internations.org. They will look into this matter.


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