Changing the World One Day at a Time

In May, we get the chance to celebrate one of our favorite holidays — the International Day of Cultural Diversity! One could say that this is a holiday based on a philosophy that our wonderful Changemakers Consuls practice every day — global minds and charitable souls, these volunteers bring different cultures, nationalities, and people together for a good cause every month.

From Washington to Beijing, and from Doha to Rome, Changemakers across the planet have posted some truly marvelous activities this month. So, in the spirit of charity and cultural friendship, please don’t hesitate to get involved!

‘V is for Victory of Love and Compassion!’

In Moscow, 14 InterNations members joined Consul Elena Urbanovich at a retirement home in the Tver Region. The pictures from this activity are nothing if not heartwarming! The members got to know the inhabitants of the retirement home, discussed their lives and stories, and also brought some brilliant gifts to celebrate the day and help the people. The activity was not only diverse in terms of age, though, as five different nationalities were represented.


Volunteer Power

The Berlin Changemakers Group hosted an amazingly inventive activity, bringing together members who have always wanted to volunteer and NGOs who need volunteers. Organized by Alejandra Müller, it was a wonderful night: our members did not only get to learn more about the many benefits of volunteering, but also how easy it is to get involved. A whole host of NGOs and charitable organizations attended the event, including Vostel, Berliner Tafel, UNICEF, Visioneers, Pflege Engagement, and Helpling. This was a truly marvelous idea, and we are sure it will prove to be inspiring for our members in Berlin, but also for other Changemakers around the world.


Football for Peace

This month, Mirawati Piliang in Jakarta posted a wonderful activity that captures the very essence of what the International Day of Cultural Diversity is all about — Football for Peace. The activity invites people to take part in an event organized by the Uni Papau, which aims to help the younger generation of Jakarta to stay away from violence and drugs through football. The activity takes place on Friday, 19 May, and runs for two days. Members from three different countries have already signed up. We can’t wait to see their wonderful pictures!

Thanks again to everyone who got involved with the InterNations Changemakers this month. If we make each day a little bit better, then someday there hopefully won’t be any bad ones left!

Next month is World Environnment Day, and we are excited to see what you have planned for this occassion.


(Image credits: InterNations, Pixabay)

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