InterNations Relaunch: Explore your new profile – and more!

New year, new website features! The relaunch of the InterNations platform continues in 2015. The next big step along the way is the release of a brand-new InterNations profile for all members.

What’s up with the map?

We already provided a sneak preview of the updated profile last year. Now you can log in and take a look at the finished version. The fresh design focuses on what makes our InterNations members special – their international experience and global lifestyle.

Therefore, the new profile features a detailed timeline where you can share all the past, present, and future destinations on your journey as an expatriate and global mind. These places will be highlighted on an interactive world map right at the top of your profile page.

What else has changed about your InterNations profile?

But the timeline and map aren’t the only changes we’d like to introduce: Your profile will also help you to network and socialize in your local InterNations Community.

• Firstly, make sure that you have joined the right community. If you need to switch to another InterNations Community – for example, if you’re moving again – you can do so directly in your profile.

• When you scroll down the profile page, you’ll get easy access to all your InterNations Groups and to the events you have attended.

• Also use this opportunity to add more interests to your profile page! That way, you’ll receive relevant recommendations for upcoming InterNations Activities in town – from A like arts exhibitions to Z like Zumba lessons.

• Lastly, you can filter your contacts faster by using new search options.

Has anything else changed on the InterNations website?

While the new profile is certainly the central part of this release, we have included enhancements to other features of the InterNations website, too:

• Check out our redesigned Members section: You can easily find new people to connect with via the “Members who match your profile” tool. It will show you a list of potential contacts based on mutual interests and other things you have in common. However, we’re still fine tuning this feature – don’t forget to check back while we are working on making the recommendations even smarter.

• Have a look at your new account settings as well, and discover their up-to-date design and improved usability.

• The InterNations Event Calendar is currently being released in a step-by-step process. We will be working on its features and functionalities over the next few weeks.

As always, a heartfelt thank you to our beta testers, who have given us valuable feedback on the “remodeling” process. Thanks to their support, you can just go ahead, sign in and share your expat journey. Enjoy!

Please click on the picture to see a full-size version!


(Image credit: InterNations)

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