The Lucky Number: Happy 7th Birthday, InterNations!

Seven is a lucky number, and this is a lucky occasion for us: It’s the seventh birthday of InterNations. Seven years ago, in 2007, our website went online, launching what is today the world’s largest expatriate network.

Last year’s anniversary neatly coincided with us celebrating our 100,000th Facebook fan and member #1 million of our expat community. This time, we don’t have a round number of similar elegance to announce, but a lot has happened for InterNations in the last 12 months, especially this summer.

In June, we kicked off a major site relaunch. The complete overhaul of the InterNations website, starting with our brand-new networking feature, is our most important project right now. Most of the relaunch so far has been going on behind the scenes of Product Development & IT, but the next year in the life of InterNations will put the results of their hard work into the spotlight.

In the summer months, we also introduced the Expat Insights Survey, a look at the daily life of thousands of expats around the world. While we are still busy with giving our official survey report the finishing touches, we are looking forward to presenting you with the results very soon. We’ll keep you updated!

InterNations Expat Blog Happy Birthday Pic 2Last but certainly not least, this summer featured the very first InterNations World Games – a series of football matches to support the InterNations Volunteer Program. Here it is indeed taking part that counts, and everyone’s a winner in support of a good cause. The World Games were great fun for everyone involved, and we hope for a repeat performance next year.

Today, we are proud of what we have achieved in our seventh year and excited about what year #8 will bring. Therefore we’d like to invite all of our members to celebrate with us: Birthday events in our Local Communities around the world are spread out over the entire month of September.

If you haven’t been to an InterNations birthday party yet, just check our event calendar and watch out for our special 7th Anniversary Events. Enjoy!

(Image credit: 1) iStockphoto 2) Sergej Kovalenko)

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