InterNations Relaunch: Follow-Up on Networking Feedback

After our beta testers were invited to try out our new networking features, they sent us lots of positive and helpful feedback.

    Many of you let us know that you’d like to see your sent pending contact requests, as well as those that you’ve received. Therefore we will be adding a sent contact requests page to the feature.Thank You
    Plenty of InterNations members shared their suggestions on enhancing the usability and design of our messaging interface. We will release an updated version of that feature at an upcoming stage in our ongoing relaunch. Your feedback will help us in making it as user-friendly as possible.
    Last but certainly not least, you also contributed to helping us fix some bugs, thus ensuring that the networking features are ready for the general roll-out among all InterNations members.

A big thank you to all our beta testers! If you’re interested in joining them, you can still sign up for our beta testing program!

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