Team Diary: Impressions from an InterNations Event Novice

Rafaela, our social media marketing intern, attended her first InterNations event last week. It looks like she had a great time…

Oh Baby! was my first InterNations event, and I’m sure I will never forget it. I am from Austria and moved to Munich in January, when I started my internship at InterNations. Since I couldn’t make it to the InterNations event in January, I was pretty excited to finally attend one of the official monthly gatherings. The February get-together took place on Wednesday 23rd from 8:00 p.m. onwards at Baby! – one of the best known and most exclusive clubs in the city. As some of my work colleagues had to help out at the event that night, I met up with another member of the InterNations Munich community in front of the club: Gabrielle, who is also from Austria, and I got to know each other through the InterNations network some weeks ago.

When we entered the club at around 9:00 p.m., I was quite impressed by how many people had shown up.The venue was crowded and all guests were engaged in animated conversation. People were chatting, drinking, dancing and exchanging phone numbers, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I can’t deny that I was amazed by how many expats there are in Munich. As I found out today, nearly 350 members from many different nations had attended the event! Even though the location appeared a little bit small at times to hold such a big function, I think the evening was a great success. My friend and I certainly had a good time and got to know other global minds and expats from all around the world.

InterNations Munich expat event
Now that I have attended my first InterNations event, I can say that I had a great night out and that I’m happy to be part of the InterNations team and the InterNations community in Munich. I love to meet exciting and like-minded people and I’m already looking forward to the next event!

Photos courtesy of Hagen von Deylen

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