InterNations in the International Press: Muscat Daily & Time Out Istanbul

Thanks to our great Ambassadors in Oman and Turkey, our InterNations Communities in Muscat as well as Istanbul were featured with full-length articles and interviews in the local press. The Muscat Daily, Oman’s fourth (and newest) daily paper, recently published a short reportage (page 1 and page 2) on InterNations Ambassador Susan Bagyura and the activities of our group in Oman. Our Ambassadors in Turkey’s most vibrant metropolis, Gundula Strittmatter and Metin Suerkan, had the great opportunity for a Q&A session about their beloved Istanbul and InterNations in the TimeOut Istanbul city magazine. If you’re curious now what they had to say, just click on the links for the press scans and you can have a look at the entire articles in your browser / PDF reader. Enjoy!

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