InterNations and CNN Proudly Present “The InterNations History Vote”

In cooperation with our Global Partner CNN, we are very soon going to launch “The InterNations History Vote”. It is an unprecedented global voting initiative, presented by our Global Partner CNN on occasion of its 30th anniversary and the CNN 30 campaign. The InterNations History Vote gives our members from all over the world the opportunity to vote and share their view on 30 of the biggest news events from the last 3 decades: from the Hong Kong handover or the Chernobyl disaster over the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of Nelson Mandela to the September 11 terror attacks as well as the death of Michael Jackson.

These pre-selected events may not always be the 30 most important stories of the last 30 years, but they do represent a wide range of headlines that moved the world. While many of these events were bad news, human tragedies even, nearly all of them made an impact on history or touched the lives of people around the world. The question remains:

Which events are the ones that affected us the most? And why?

The InterNations History Vote aims to shed light on this question and present a global picture on the effect of these 30 news events. During the voting campaign, our members can:

– Vote on the three events that affected them most, according to their personal perceptions and experiences.
– Post their own memories about the milestones that gave them hope or the human tragedies that touched them deeply.
– Comment on other members’ stories.

The InterNations History Vote is a unique initiative that gives people from all over the globe the opportunity to share their view of the past that shaped their lives. To reward them for their commitment to connecting global minds, we will also choose the winner of a flexible 1.000 € flight ticket voucher among the participants.

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