Read Local, Think Global with the International Herald Tribune

As our most recent global partner, we are proud to welcome the International Herald Tribune on our site. The traditional broadsheet is firmly rooted in the history of the U.S. American press and its news coverage abroad. Its illustrious 19th century forebears could boast listing one Karl Marx as their foreign correspondent from London or financing adventurer Henry Stanley’s expedition to East Africa in search of the lost British missionary and explorer David Livingstone. Today, the International Herald Tribune — now also the global edition of the New York Times — embraces its prominent position as one of the most widespread internationalinternational-herald-tribune papers. The reports and analyses of politics, business, society, and culture all over the world are read in about 180 countries.

If you, too, want to better understand the fast-changing globe of the 21st century, you can make use of their special offer for InterNations members: Save 50% on the usual cover price and enjoy the free forwarding service to your local address, wherever you are.

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