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  1. Rosie Tran
    September 19, 2013

    Hi Paula,
    My name is Rosie Tran, I’m a co-leader of ASIA chapterWe are very excited to share that we are organizing an event titles “Cultural Agility” at Titusville, NJ and at Spring House, in Nov 2013. This is a joint ERG effort with WLI SEPA.
    The event will consist of a workshop by an external expert on this topic, followed by a Panel Discussion of internal J&J executives who have had leadership experiences in different cultures.
    I was hoping if you could let me know if you ever have a seminar on the cultural agility within J&J? if not would you consider coming to our sites and give us the training on this subject? I would love to discuss with you about this event. Please give me a call at 267-918-4274 to further this discussion.

    Best regards,
    Rosie Tran

    • Margit Grobbel
      September 20, 2013

      Hi Rosie,

      I’m afraid that Paula might not see your comment at all. The above post is an old review of her publication, and generally speaking, comments on posts in the blog archives are usually read only by the blog maintainers. If you would like to discuss your interesting proposal with her, I suggest that you contact her via her official website.


      Best of luck for your workshop!

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