Oktoberfest in Munich and Around the World

It’s that time of the year again when Munich’s residents dust off their Lederhosen and Dirndl to join millions of tourists for the biggest event of the year: the Oktoberfest! InterNations team member Gregor shares his own take on this Bavarian festival and its exports. I’ve been living in Munich for just over four years […]

The Best Thing about Christmas Markets

As there’s less than a week left until Christmas, I’ll seize this perfect opportunity to talk about one of Germany’s most famous holiday traditions: the Christmas market. If you have ever been in Germany in early December, you cannot but notice the brightly decorated stalls and tightly packed crowds of people in many a city […]

Cruz de Mayo: Children of Seville Hold Their Own Spring Processions

Our new guest author Karen, a US expat living in Spain, introduces us to a lesser known religious and folkloristic custom in Andalucia – the children’s Cruz de Mayo. When people talk about the spectacular spring festivals in Seville, they usually mean Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the huge April fair, but to me, the […]

Springtime Festivals around the World

Finally, spring is here! Well, at least for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. Theoretically speaking. When looking out the window at the InterNations office, I see an icy parking lot covered in snow. Unfortunately, the weather here in Munich didn’t get the memo that the astronomical equinox on March 21st marks the beginning of […]

Same Procedure as Last Year?

In three days, we will be preparing to welcome the beginning of a new year and, hopefully, plenty of good health, good fortune, and general happiness. Of course, there are many more New Year’s celebrations round the world than the New Year’s Eve of the Gregorian calendar on December 31st. There’s the Chinese Lunar New […]

Winter Wonderland Japan

To those who haven’t lived in Japan before, winter might not seem like the ideal season for exploring the country. Foreign tourists prefer spring or autumn for seasonal travel, when temperatures are mellow and you can join in the national passions of flower- or foliage-viewing (hanami or koyo, respectively): from February till May, there are […]

My Low Fat Iranian Wedding

Wedding ceremonies and the traditions and assumptions surrounding them can vary immensely from country to country. In some cultures, a low-key, inexpensive wedding seems almost impossible, while in others, it may be perfectly normal. What are your experiences? InterNations member Philip, who has recently moved to Iran, gives us a very personal insight into Iranian […]

Raising Babies Abroad

Living abroad with children – everyone who has ever done it knows that most of the time, you can’t just carry on doing exactly what you used to do back home. Can you remain true to your family values and beliefs when circumstances change dramatically? Our guest blogger Abu Muhammed talks about his experiences raising […]

A Toast to Public Speaking – for Expats and Locals Around the World

English-speaking expats often benefit from a vast array of professional services and leisure activities catering to their needs: From English-speaking counselling services to English amateur choirs or theatre groups, there is a lot on offer. As for most leisure activities which do not require particularly high language skills, there is an irrefutable argument for simply […]

Celebrating the Iranian New Year

InterNations member Philip, our British expat in Tehran, is blogging about his first Nowruz experience – the Iranian New Year, which he celebrated in true traditional style. In the west we have Christmas, Halloween and Easter. However, in Iran it is a completely different ballgame. The Iranian New Year (Nowruz) has been at the turn […]