The Moment of Happiness

How are you feeling this fine day? Here’s to hoping that you’re happy! After all, today is the official International Day of Happiness. This occasion was introduced by the United Nations three years ago. It might sound a bit fluffy or New Age-y, but happiness is indeed a rather serious topic. The International Day of […]

Five Expat Destinations of the Future

Same procedure as last year – same procedure as every year? Each spring, Mercer Consulting publishes the results of their latest Quality of Living study for foreign assignees in over 200 cities around the world. The ranking investigates various factors from ten areas that impact everyday life in an expat destination (e.g. medical and health […]

Survey Spotlight: Expat Women

One of the topics still missing from this year’s Expat Insider survey report is a focus on expat women, as compared to male expatriates. But we hope that this blog post can provide some valuable insights instead. Gender Split and Average Age Among our general survey population, women slightly outnumber men, with 53% to 47%, […]

Survey Spotlight: Expats’ Language Skills

As for the Expat Insider Survey, there are several topics we’d have liked to cover in our survey report, but had to exclude due to various constraints. Expats and their language skills is one of these subjects. Fortunately, our blog provides plenty of space to make up for this lack. Number of Languages Spoken Let’s […]

Survey Spotlight: Expat Insider, the BBC, and the OECD

Last week we had several fairly intense discussions in the comment sections on the InterNations Facebook fanpage. They involved the overall country ranking of our Expat Insider Survey, the survey’s Quality of Life Index, and a BBC article touting Canberra as the “best place to live”. Actually, the BBC presented the results of another worldwide […]

Survey Spotlight: See the World Through Expat Eyes

InterNations has grown tremendously in these past seven years, from a small start-up to the biggest expat network in the world. With around 1.4 million members, we decided that it was time to find out what moves expats around the world: Why do they relocate? What makes them happy? And what is life abroad like […]

The Mercer Cost of Living League Table 2014

Same procedure as every year: the latest version of Mercer Consulting’s annual Cost of Living Survey is making the rounds again. The yearly report takes a look at expatriate expenses, from housing over food to leisure, in more than 200 cities around the world. Just like last year’s top ten list, the 2014 ranking shows […]

Insights into Expat Life: A Look at the InterNations Member Base

Have you ever wondered what makes the members of our InterNations network “tick”, so to speak? Are you curious about what they do for a living, how long they’ve been staying abroad, and what their future plans are? Now’s your chance to find out! Over the last few months, our team has conducted a series […]

False Economy? The EIU Cost of Living Index 2014

In last week’s blog post, we introduced the best (and worst) cities for expat life in 2014. Thus, it’s only fitting that we’re taking a closer look at the worldwide cost of living today. We are examining the results of the latest EIU Cost of Living Study and how helpful they are for individual expats. […]

The Best (and Worst) Cities for Expat Living

InterNations takes a closer look at the highest-ranking — and lowest-ranking — international destinations in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2014. What kind of qualities should you bring to the table so you can enjoy expat life in the most livable cities worldwide? It might come in handy to have some German language skills […]