Cheap or Costly Destinations? The 2017 Mercer Cost of Living Survey

The Ten Most Expensive Expat Towns Worldwide In the top 10 of the 23rd Mercer Cost of Living survey, there’s hardly anything new under the sun. Eight out of ten cities were also featured among last year’s ten most expensive expatriate destinations worldwide. Rather unsurprisingly, the highest living expenses for expat executives are due in […]

The Best Cities for Expats: And the Infrastructure Award Goes To …

“Same procedure as last year” — that oft-cited quote from the cult television classic Dinner for One could also refer to the latest results of Mercer’s Quality of Living survey. The annual city ranking compares over 200 destinations for foreign assignees with regard to quality of life. The five best-rated cities in the 2017 edition […]

Digital Nomads: Myth vs Reality

When hearing the word “nomad”, you may be thinking of white-clad Bedouins traversing a majestic desert. But when we talk about “digital nomads”, which images come to mind now? Originally coined as an academic term in the 1990s, the phrase didn’t take off as a popular buzzword before the early 2000s when rapid technological advances […]

The Most Peaceful Places on Earth

Now that the UEFA European Football Championship has been over for several weeks, have you already forgotten about everyone’s favorite underdog? Iceland took part in a European football championship for the first time ever. Despite their lack of experience, as well as the fact that their manager was a part-time dentist from the tiny Westman […]

Expensive, More Expensive, East Asia?

For the 22nd year running, global HR consulting firm Mercer has just published its annual Cost of Living Ranking that lists the costliest and cheapest destinations for expatriates. Except for the obligatory mentions of Switzerland, the top ten most expensive cities, out of 209 surveyed in 2016, are strongly dominated by African and East Asian […]

The World’s Safest Places for Expats

When moving abroad, you definitely shouldn’t neglect the practical aspects amongst the general excitement — living expenses, housing, healthcare, and especially personal safety. In a 2014 study, over six in ten expats (62%) rated their safety as an “extremely important” factor of life abroad. No other aspect of everyday life in their destination was as […]

Expats vs. Tourists: Living in the Global Top 10 Travel Destinations

What do Marrakech and Hanoi have in common with Prague and Buenos Aires? According to the results of the 2015 Travelers’ Choice Awards by Trip Advisor, these places all belong to the most popular destinations worldwide. In fact, their ten best-rated cities for global travelers are, in this very order: • Marrakech, Morocco • Siam […]

Survey Spotlight: Expat Insider 2015 Release

Last year, we launched our first Expat Insider survey, with great success. Not only was it one of the biggest expat surveys worldwide, the results also received a lot of attention. With publications in various international media outlets we managed to inform the whole world about how expats experience their life abroad. Most of all, […]

The 10 Least Expensive Expat Cities: Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2015

Would you like to know in which cities around the globe expats could make it on a shoestring budget? Take a closer look at the destinations listed below. Every year the international HR consultancy Mercer conducts its Cost of Living Survey, releasing a ranking of the most (and least) expensive cities for executive assignees. The […]

The Happiest Countries – The World Happiness Report 2015

How´s life? This question, usually part of our small talk repertoire when we meet friends and acquaintances, can also be used to probe our collective feelings of happiness. People around the world were asked to rate their overall satisfaction in life on a scale of 0 to 10, with zero representing the worst possible life […]