A Review of STAGES – Guides for the Time-Crunched Language Learner

Having to learn a new language can be a very daunting prospect. However, everyone who has ever lived abroad will probably tell you that it’s worth the effort, so instead of letting the seeming endlessness of the task put you off, just approach it as you would any other task you are faced with: systematically. […]

A Toast to Public Speaking – for Expats and Locals Around the World

English-speaking expats often benefit from a vast array of professional services and leisure activities catering to their needs: From English-speaking counselling services to English amateur choirs or theatre groups, there is a lot on offer. As for most leisure activities which do not require particularly high language skills, there is an irrefutable argument for simply […]

Stop Searching for the Silver Bullet – Language Learning for Expats

Learning the local language when living abroad as an expat is one of the most important steps on our way to a fulfilled expat existence, says InterNations member Aaron. And if you follow Aaron’s tips for everyday language learners, it’s not nearly as daunting an undertaking as you may think… Learning the language of the […]

Keeping Up with the Jokes

Jenni, a Canadian with Finnish roots who set off to explore the country of her ancestors, feels frustrated: Despite making great progress with the Finnish language, she still feels that she cannot express her true personality in a foreign tongue. There seems to be one particular obstacle … One of the biggest challenges of living […]

Francophone ≠ Francophone

We interviewed Justine, originally from Montréal, Canada, who is now living in Lyon, and tells us how her initial expectations of life in France were completely up the wrong alley. Tell us a bit about yourself: How did you end up in Lyon? Was there any culture shock being a French-Canadian and going to France? […]

No hablas ingles?

Jolene from the US moved to Oviedo, Spain and thinks it alarming that some of the other expats she has met simply do not bother learning the language. Here is her short rant about how disrespectful it is to assume that English is a universal language and that regardless of how difficult it is for […]

Multilingual –> Multicultural?

Josefina, originally from Cuba but now living in Norway, is a language coach for business Spanish and English in Bergen. Before she moved to Norway, she taught Language Arts at an elementary school in Miami, Florida and then Business English in Germany. In her experience as a teacher she has come to the conclusion that […]

Different Language, Different Personality?

Florence, fluent in both Dutch and French, has come across an interesting phenomenon in her bilingual personality which she briefly tells us about. Recently, I began asking myself to what extent we change when we speak a different language. Does our perception of reality change? Our emotions? Our attitudes? You may wonder why this question […]