Your New InterNations Profile: Feedback, Please!

As part of the upcoming InterNations Relaunch, your individual member profile will also get a “face-lift”, so to speak. Your new InterNations profile will strongly focus on what makes you a global mind: your personal expat experience and your international life and career. What’s new? In the new timeline, you can share your international history. […]

Meet Laurence, the InterNations Member #1,000,000

As you may remember, we celebrated a major milestone for the InterNations Community last month – welcoming the 1 millionth member of our worldwide expatriate network. It is this global mind that we would like to introduce to you today. Our “Expat One Million” is called Laurence, and she is a French national who has […]

1,000,000, and Counting…

After half a dozen years of successfully connecting expats and “global minds” around the world, InterNations hits another major milestone. We’ve barely blown out the candles on our birthday cake, but now we have yet another reason to celebrate. This week, we reached the 1 million member mark – a historical achievement for our social […]

InterNations: Our Current Countdown

Four weeks ago, the InterNations team celebrated the sixth birthday of our worldwide expat community, as well as a whopping 100,000 fans on our Facebook page. Now, almost one month later to the day, we have yet another reason to pop the corks and clink our glasses: We are counting down to the 1 millionth […]

Hip, Hip, Hooray! InterNations Turns Six Today

This week, InterNations has an excellent reason to celebrate: Our expat website went online in September 2007, and we are now turning six. Six years is a very symbolic age. Most kids in Germany are six years old when they start primary school. Here in Munich, the summer holidays are over right now. Tomorrow morning, […]

Activity Groups Anniversary

This week, InterNations has a birthday to celebrate! One year ago, our Activity Groups saw the light of day. The InterNations team members officially created the first of these groups on April 17, 2012. What’s This All About? Some of you may now be wondering: What’s an Activity Group anyway? For those members who haven’t […]

Getting Involved: The InterNations Charity Groups

InterNations founder Malte Zeeck is very happy to introduce the InterNations Charity Groups – a project that’s been very close to his heart for a long time. Now the moment has come: The first InterNations Charity Group has become active in Munich, and here’s how it all happened… Let’s be honest, most of us lead […]

Founder’s Diary: Introducing the InterNations Activity Groups

You may not have noticed it, but we have been working hard on a new feature for your InterNations website over the past few months. Now it’s ready, and in today’s Founder’s Diary you can read all about it and how it came about. What do you, as an expat, expect from InterNations? What can […]

How to Make the Most of InterNations: Part 3 — A First Glance at the Local Community

The last time we heard from Margaret in Munich, she had updated her InterNations profile in order to better connect with other members. But before she starts looking for new contacts, she decides to explores the Local Community first. Two features in particular attract her attention — the Munich Expat Forum and the upcoming events, […]

The New Face of InterNations

As we already hinted at in a previous blog post, our IT and web design guys have been busy working on our Access Page as well as the Guided Tour of the InterNations Community. The two areas are the public “face” of InterNations, which, for instance, an expat might have a look at when a […]