A New Milestone: InterNations Welcomes Member No. Two Million!

For InterNations, the new year is certainly off to a good start: we have just welcomed the two millionth global mind. It seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated InterNations member no. 1,000,000 here at the Munich head office. Overall, 400,000 new people joined our international community in 2015. In the past year, […]

The Year in InterNations Moments: Our Very Own Best of 2015

The end of the year is mostly a festive time. Almost every culture and country traditionally celebrates the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one, no matter which calendar they follow. But it’s also a time for stock-taking; a time when decisions are reviewed and sums are taken. And last […]

Expat Life? There Must Be an App for That!

“Why is there no InterNations mobile app?” or “when is the app coming?” are questions we’ve been hearing a lot, whether in our forum, at official events, on social media, or simply as part of the feedback we have received from our members in the course of our ongoing website relaunch. “It’s the most frequently […]

8 Facts You May Not Know about InterNations

In September 2007, InterNations first went online, and September is therefore our official “birthday month”. So, in honor of our eighth birthday, we would like to share eight essential or unusual facts about InterNations with you. 1) From CEOs to interns, we know what it’s like to be an expat. Our founders, Malte and Philipp, […]

InterNations Relaunch: Explore your new profile – and more!

New year, new website features! The relaunch of the InterNations platform continues in 2015. The next big step along the way is the release of a brand-new InterNations profile for all members. What’s up with the map? We already provided a sneak preview of the updated profile last year. Now you can log in and […]

InterNations Relaunch: New Messaging Feature Live!

If you’ve been an InterNations member for the past six months, or longer, you’ve probably noticed that quite a few things on our website have changed. Our major site relaunch is still ongoing. We are gradually updating the entire website to provide you with the best possible experience across our online platform. Design, navigation, and […]

The Lucky Number: Happy 7th Birthday, InterNations!

Seven is a lucky number, and this is a lucky occasion for us: It’s the seventh birthday of InterNations. Seven years ago, in 2007, our website went online, launching what is today the world’s largest expatriate network. Last year’s anniversary neatly coincided with us celebrating our 100,000th Facebook fan and member #1 million of our […]

InterNations Relaunch: Follow-Up on Networking Feedback

After our beta testers were invited to try out our new networking features, they sent us lots of positive and helpful feedback. Many of you let us know that you’d like to see your sent pending contact requests, as well as those that you’ve received. Therefore we will be adding a sent contact requests page […]

InterNations Relaunch: Networking Now in Beta Phase

Have you already signed up for our InterNations beta testing program? As a beta tester, you will be part of an exclusive group: the first members to see and try those parts of our website that are going through a major relaunch. Today, we have just released the first round of changes to update an […]

Wanted: InterNations Beta Testers

As you may already have heard, there are big changes for InterNations ahead: Our site relaunch is coming, and we’re going to need your help. Why are we starting the relaunch? We want to provide you with the best possible experience on our entire website and offer enhanced usability to all our members. Thanks to […]