InterNations Members Improve the Lives of Children All Around the World!

Now that Halloween is over, children and adults, especially in the United States, have — hopefully — nursed their stomachache from too much candy. US Americans now look towards to November’s cherished Thanksgiving Day while around the globe many are already trying to make December’s holiday plans. Not least of all due to these prominent […]

Halloween 2016: Let’s Have a Wicked Fun Time

Halloween, one of the most popular secular holidays, was mostly celebrated in the USA before it spread throughout the entire world. Today people in Europe, Asia, and Australia enjoy spooky costume parties, scary movies and carving pumpkins around 31 October. However, Halloween goes back to the ancient Celtic festival Samhain. People lit bonfires and wore […]

Hungry for a Worthy Cause? Help our Volunteer Groups Fight Hunger!

Just like every month, we’d like to focus on a specific theme that’s of great importance to the InterNations Volunteer Program. The month of October puts World Food Day into the spotlight. This day was originally celebrated in 1945 to commemorate the founding of FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Their […]

Nine Years of InterNations — Come Celebrate with Us

It is September, the month when the seasons are slowly starting to turn, with crispy brown leaves in the northern and longer, milder days in the southern hemisphere. But it is also the time when we celebrate our birthday. In 2007, our founders started InterNations with not much more than an idea about a global […]

InterNations Volunteers Strive for Peace in their Communities

On 21 September we celebrate the International Day of Peace, a day which seeks to strengthen the co-existence between not just countries and nations, but humans as individuals. Peace is an idea that sometimes fades from our minds; however, it is vital to the sustainability of life for future generations. The International Day of Peace, […]

Let’s Go Outside — Summer Vacation with InterNations

For many expats, August is the time for vacation. Some escape the blistering heat or the freezing cold in their host country to travel to more balmy regions, while others visit neighboring cities or countries, or simply use the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Of course, there is still no need to pass up on spending […]

How to Become a Humanitarian 101

As expatriates, we travel the world, find ourselves in the most amazing places, and make new international friends. But what happens when you start longing to blend in more with the local population and would like to give back to the community you are now a part of? InterNations offers a potential solution. Get Connected […]

Red, White, Blue & a Big BBQ — Celebrate Your Community

There are many ways to celebrate your new home abroad: you can join in national holiday celebrations and traditions or you can knock it out of the park with something unique and different. In any case, local and national holidays are the perfect opportunity to get to know your community, meet other expats and locals, […]

InterNations Volunteer Groups: Building Meaningful Friendships

The InterNations Volunteer Groups are all about supporting one another and extending a hand to those in need. Celebrating the International Day of Friendship, held on 30 July, is therefore something that comes natural to our Volunteer Groups. We have interviewed the InterNations Volunteer Group Consuls about their experience with building friendships through the InterNations […]

Let the Sunshine In — The Best Ways to Celebrate Summer

On the southern half of the globe, days are getting shorter and colder, and our members are hibernating, only coming out of their caves in a desperate attempt to fight off the winter blues. But up here, summer is already knocking on our doors! The beginning of summer, often called midsummer or summer solstice in […]