Five Questions for Debbie Wibowo from Upwardly Global

We have recently talked quite a bit about “self-made expats” in this blog. But what about skilled immigrants, or highly qualified refugees, who’d like to “make it”, too, but who often have more difficulties in finding a career opportunity in their field? The US organization “Upwardly Global” aims to support this very specific group of […]

Go Big, or Go Home: Tips for Self-Made Expats

For the last couple of weeks, our blog was mostly „all play and no work“. After our guest authors’ advice on making new friends abroad and hosting an international dinner party, it’s time to return to the business world today. Lots of employees are dreaming of becoming their own boss and calling the shots. The […]

Book Review: Cultural Agility by Paula Caligiuri

„Cultural agility“ – this expression seems to be the perfect buzzword for our increasingly globalized world at work. But how do you actually define such an apparently nebulous thing? What are common myths and misconceptions about cultural agility? And how can you leverage genuine cross-cultural skills in the corporate sphere, especially in managerial positions? These […]

Wanted: Your Experiences of Working and Living Abroad

Today in the ‘InterNations Recommends’ category, we would like to introduce to you the Expat Archive Centre. The name is pretty self-explanatory … The Expat Archive Centre collects memories and testimonials from expats all over the world, stores them and makes them accessible for offline (and hopefully soon also online) research, thus documenting the global […]

A Web of Learning

Our guest blogger Abu Muhammed, and American expat living in Saudi Arabia, introduces himself with some reflections on the presidential elections in the US and how he used them to breech the subject of research to his Arab students. It is election time in the States and Americans now focus their highly distractible intellects on […]

Hi-Tech Chaos

Josef from Germany moved to Kolkata (Calcutta), India to work at a software company and is amazed at how incredibly chaotic things are at his new job! I have to be honest and say that I was not too excited about moving to India for a two year expat assignment. A colleague of mine was […]

Negotiations en France

Juan Carlos from Costa Rica got a promotion at his job, which transferred him to Marseilles, France. He was incredibly excited about this prospect and really looked forward to France. What took him a long time to get accustomed to, were the very different working conditions and inter-work relationships! I always thought the French were […]

Immaculate Clothes and Frigid Stares

Annie from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, moved to Miami, Florida for her new job. She expresses her culture shock regarding the people and the work atmosphere. I remember how I used to not be able to wait to get out of Eindhoven. In school we would always talk about going to America or some other […]

Working with Allah

George from Vancouver has just come back from his nine month expat assignment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and shares his experiences in the working environment. He tells us about the different aspects of doing business in Saudi Arabia and what things he had difficulty with most. When I moved to Riyadh I was well aware […]

To Be Liked or Respected – a Brazilian Expat Professor’s Dilemma

I interviewed Carlos, a Brazilian art historian who came to Munich, Germany 5 months ago. He sums up the main differences between Brazilian and German university etiquette. Valentina: Carlos, what do you remember from your fist days at the Ludwig Maximilian University here in Munich? Carlos: Hmm, I did not know anybody at the beginning, […]