Refusing “Women’s Work” in Uganda

Gisele from Switzerland moves to Uganda for work and ends up falling in love with one of her colleagues. Here is her story on dealing with the cultural differences, especially between men and women, in Africa. I never expected to fall in love during my two year assignment in Uganda. I went there with the […]

Baby on Board Abroad!

Sinéad from Cork Ireland joined her husband Darragh on his expat assignment in Bali Indonesia. She was currently working on editing her mother’s memoirs, so finding an occupation on the island whilst her husband worked was not an issue. The big problem came six months into their stay abroad when she found out she was […]

Hidden Dubai

Moira from Ireland accompanied her husband Aidan on his expat assignment to Dubai. Struggling with the different culture, especially a woman’s role in it, she befriends her husband’s business partner’s wife and gets a completely different insight into Dubai society. I had expected as much! Aidan and I had been on vacation to Abu Dhabi […]

Desperate Expat Wife: Tokyo Episode

Julie, a psychologist from Belgium tells us about her harsh first weeks in Tokyo as an expat wife. What would be your first reaction be if someone told you that he or she had left Europe and spent three years in Japan? Probably you would say something along the lines of: “Wow! That must have […]