Two Essential Steps to Building Your Social Circle Abroad

For many of you, the holiday season is coming up. Especially if you moved abroad with your partner or your family, you might start getting a little pensive and missing your old friends from back home. Our guest author Paul has a couple of helpful tips on how you can make new friends abroad more […]

Lonely No More

After last week’s guest blog entry explained why leaving the expat bubble is important, this week’s guest author — Andrea, a German expat in the US — ponders the differences between friendships among expats and friendships with locals. Below, she also provides tips on making new friends abroad, so don’t miss out on her advice! […]

The Sparkly Elephant

Usually, native English speakers talk about “seeing pink elephants” when they are a bit tipsy. But what connects a sparkly pink elephant to guest author and expat blogger Julie’s German language lessons and to her honeymoon? Read on and find out! You are probably wondering what this cute little elephant has to do with expat […]

International Entertaining

Last week, our guest author Paul provided some helpful advice on making friends in a new place. Today, our regular guest blogger Jessica – a Puertorican-American expat recently returned to the States, who blogs about her experience on Adventures of the Repatriate – shows us another great way of meeting new people and bringing them […]

Join the Team! How to Make Friends in a New Place

Expat life means having to begin from scratch in various places all over the world. This does not only concern practical issues, such as finding a new apartment, but also your personal relationships. This can be particularly hard for single expatriates without a partner or family to come along, or for shy, more introverted types. […]

My Whirlwind Dutcharican Romance

InterNations guestblogger Jessica, a recent US repatriate from Brussels, remembers how she started a cross-Atlantic long-distance relationship just six weeks before her imminent departure. In a kingdom far, far away, there is a man who I have fallen in love with. I met my Dutchman (his name for blogging purposes) in the most inconvenient of […]

Re-Thinking Reinvention as a Trailing Spouse

This week, our new guestblogger Leabiloe muses upon her need for reinvention during her years as an expat spouse. Leabiloe is a blogger and freelance writer, who writes about expat life, food, and books. Her blog AFRICAN wanderlust chronicles her musings on expat living. Originally from Lesotho, she has made South Africa her home; she […]

„Are We There Yet?“

Many expats with families of their own will have heard this question during the recent holiday season. Christmas and/or the New Year are a popular time for expatriates to visit relatives and friends back home. However, long-distance travel with children adds a few more stressors to last-minute packing and jetlag. Here are some tried and […]

Raising Babies Abroad

Living abroad with children – everyone who has ever done it knows that most of the time, you can’t just carry on doing exactly what you used to do back home. Can you remain true to your family values and beliefs when circumstances change dramatically? Our guest blogger Abu Muhammed talks about his experiences raising […]

Every Child Knows That …

British expat Simon finds that there’s a whole new dimension to his relationship with his girlfriend ever since their move to Germany: Simple arguments suddenly turn into a matter of cross-cultural communication. Munich has one of the best broadband connections in the world, apparently. But last week we had a black out: No phone, no […]