Feeling Like an Expat in Your Own City

Our new guest blogger Jessica from Adventures of the Repatriate opens her series on repatriation with some musings on how it felt to move to the US after seven years of living overseas, in Belgium, and how she gets over being “homesick” for Brussels. We also have an interview with Jessica on her (former) expat […]

Book Review: Cultural Agility by Paula Caligiuri

„Cultural agility“ – this expression seems to be the perfect buzzword for our increasingly globalized world at work. But how do you actually define such an apparently nebulous thing? What are common myths and misconceptions about cultural agility? And how can you leverage genuine cross-cultural skills in the corporate sphere, especially in managerial positions? These […]

Life’s a Beach

Our guestblogger Abu Muhammed from Saudi Arabia muses upon his disappointing first impressions of Jeddah, and remembers how he learned to appreciate the city after all. Living in Jeddah compared to the rest of Saudi Arabia is reminiscent at times of the “Bizarro Dimension” from the Superman comics. Being from a port city myself (Philadelphia), […]

How Hard Does It Get Moving to Spain?

No one ever said that moving abroad was easy, but one may be tempted to think that moving to Spain from another European country is slightly less intimidating than moving to somewhere on the other side of the world. Well, it is and it isn’t… InterNations member Mary-Kay recalls one experience from her time as […]

Same Old, Same Old…

When Pirkko from Finland returns home after several months of working in Brazil, she is really looking forward to telling her friends all about her big adventure. However, things turn out somewhat differently: totally unexpectedly she feels isolated in her own home town and estranged from her old friends… Almost exactly one year ago, I […]

Keeping Up with the Jokes

Jenni, a Canadian with Finnish roots who set off to explore the country of her ancestors, feels frustrated: Despite making great progress with the Finnish language, she still feels that she cannot express her true personality in a foreign tongue. There seems to be one particular obstacle … One of the biggest challenges of living […]

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

Svetlana tells us her story about living and loving abroad and how her personal experience nearly tarnished her perception of a whole country forever. When I first came to Paris, one late summer over 6 years ago, I had no idea what a major impact this would have on my life. In fact, it all […]

Arriving in Tehran – the Start of a Big Adventure

InterNations member Philip moved from Europe to Iran to work with a cultural company only to find a country quite different to his earlier understanding and not at all what he imagined. Here is the first instalment of his story on dealing with a situation that no one could have predicted! Being an indigenous British […]

The 3 Ps of Culture Shock

InterNations member and guest blogger Juanita Kwarteng, a Ghanian-Canadian who grew up in the Middle East, is a true advocate of open-mindedness and cross-cultural communication who has dedicated her life to celebrating diversity. Here she gives us her very personal take on culture shock. For me, culture shock is the closest way to feel like […]

Francophone ≠ Francophone

We interviewed Justine, originally from Montréal, Canada, who is now living in Lyon, and tells us how her initial expectations of life in France were completely up the wrong alley. Tell us a bit about yourself: How did you end up in Lyon? Was there any culture shock being a French-Canadian and going to France? […]