InterNations Volunteer Groups: Building Meaningful Friendships

The InterNations Volunteer Groups are all about supporting one another and extending a hand to those in need. Celebrating the International Day of Friendship, held on 30 July, is therefore something that comes natural to our Volunteer Groups. We have interviewed the InterNations Volunteer Group Consuls about their experience with building friendships through the InterNations […]

InterNations Volunteers and Their Positive Impact on the Environment

Celebrating our natural environment is what numerous people around the world do on 5 June. On this day, they raise awareness about and call to action for protecting the environment worldwide. InterNations Volunteer Groups have worked hard to set up several activities that are environmentally friendly and support the well-being of our ecosphere — and […]

InterNations Volunteers Strive to Close the Gap between Cultures

This month we are celebrating the International Day of Cultural Diversity on 21 May. In today’s globalized world, encountering different cultures and what they contribute to humanity’s common heritage has become easier than ever — something we think needs to be shared! We’d thus like to share with you what the InterNations Volunteer Consuls have […]

InterNations Members Help Provide Access to Education

23 April is all about World Book Day. Books are beneficial to us for many reasons, and although it might seem like they are widely available, not everyone enjoys the privilege of reading books. InterNations members Rosario, Kalyan, Vanessa, and Lorna took action for a good cause and show us how they helped underprivileged children […]

What Makes InterNations Members Happy?

Each year, 20 March marks the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness. But what makes people happy? Aristotle once said that “happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”. For some people, happiness comes from moving abroad, for others it’s their daily morning coffee, and for […]

Getting Active for a Good Cause!

Many of us start the New Year with a positive attitude and the resolution to get active and be healthy. The Volunteer Groups have certainly taken this approach on board and have spent the beginning of 2016 getting active for a good cause. By raising money and exercising with people (or dogs!) in need, our […]

Breaking Down Social Barriers with InterNations Volunteers

On 20 February, we commemorate the United Nations’ World Day of Social Justice. According to the UN, this is a day to mark the removal of barriers that people face as a result of their race, ethnicity, culture or disability, to name just a few. These are all causes that InterNations Volunteers are working hard […]

InterNations Members Inspire Action for a Good Cause

As the year is coming to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the amazing activities organized by InterNations members for a good cause. 24,000 members are part of our 32 Volunteer Groups in New York, Dubai, Zurich, Vienna, Bangkok and Munich, amongst others. Due to the Group Consuls’ […]

Munich Volunteers: Supporting People with Cerebral Palsy

Thursday, 3 December, marks the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In Munich, InterNations Volunteer Group Consul Temenuga Bakalska organizes regular activities for people with disabilities, together with our partner organization, the Münchner Förderzentrum. What does the International Day of Persons with Disabilities mean to you in relation to your role as Group Consul? […]

Culture Sharing for Children’s Day

On 20 November we celebrate the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day. Jacira Barros, Volunteer Group Consul in São Paulo, shares her experiences of organizing creative activities for children with a local non-profit organization. What does the Universal Children’s Day mean to you in relation to your role as Volunteer Group Consul? This is a month […]