Noodles and Pasta around the World: International Recipes to Discover

For all of you who aren’t planning on cutting carbs in the new year, we have good news! In the US, National Spaghetti Day is celebrated on 4 January:  it’s inspired us to get our chef hats on and find out which stringy, starchy dish is a favorite in various countries. Japan’s Culinary Revolution The […]

The Best Places Worldwide to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Waiting for the famous Times Square Ball in NYC to drop at 23:59 or for London’s Big Ben to strike the hour is certainly a fun way to start the new year, but there may be other destinations better suited to your personal preferences. While it’s probably a tad too late to book a spontaneous […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Midsummer Like the Locals

Up in the Northern Hemisphere, the sky is blue, the days are getting longer, and we can finally enjoy fresh strawberries from the farmer’s markets. The longest days of the year are happening right now, and particularly in Scandinavia, where the sun barely sets, the summer solstice or midsummer celebrations are a big deal and […]

Five Favorite Sorts of Street Food and Their Stories

Food is more than the sum of its ingredients, a mere source of nutrients — even more than the glorious experience of enjoying a delicious snack on the go. The smell and taste of our favorite dishes often trigger powerful memories. A whiff of a particular aroma takes us back to moments we thought all […]

Fireworks, Tinsel, and Lights — The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

For those of us who follow the Gregorian calendar, the last few weeks of this year are finally here. December is a month rife with various holidays, traditions, and hopes for a relaxed end-of-the-year vacation. Our Ambassadors and Consuls have been swept away by the holiday cheer, too, and have organized a lot of great […]