Feeling Like an Expat in Your Own City

Our new guest blogger Jessica from Adventures of the Repatriate opens her series on repatriation with some musings on how it felt to move to the US after seven years of living overseas, in Belgium, and how she gets over being “homesick” for Brussels. We also have an interview with Jessica on her (former) expat […]

Same Old, Same Old…

When Pirkko from Finland returns home after several months of working in Brazil, she is really looking forward to telling her friends all about her big adventure. However, things turn out somewhat differently: totally unexpectedly she feels isolated in her own home town and estranged from her old friends… Almost exactly one year ago, I […]

Getting Home – 30 Years Later

Expat Maris tells us about his experience of feeling strangely at home in his country of origin, Latvia, despite not having lived there longer than 10 months of his life. I was born in Latvia, yet spent most of my childhood and adolescence in Denmark and was living in the United States for the past […]

The Mom-n-Pop Store or Missing the Other

Zachary from Maine who lived abroad in Istanbul for seven years and has just moved back to the States discusses the vicious circle of always missing that which he cannot have. After having lived in Istanbul for seven years I find myself really missing the intimacy of the little corner store. It takes me hours […]

An Expat at Home?

Linda lived in Vienna for the past eight years and figured it was time to go back to her hometown of Bonn, Germany again. In an interview she tells us how it was to move back to Germany and how she found it so strange that even though Austrian and German culture are not so […]