Five Signs You’re Homesick for a Place That’s Not Your Home

I’m sure many expats, international students, globetrotters, and nomadic souls will agree with me when I say that you can view several places as your home at the same time. When you move to a new place, whether you live there for months or years, you will inevitably develop an attachment to it and the […]

Going Home – Easier Said Than Done

Saying farewell is hardly ever easy. Our guest blogger Ben shares in the following his thoughts on the temporality of expat life and on going home again… Hong Kong is such a transitory city. You have people from all over the world coming here to study, to work, or to live; but usually just temporarily. […]

The International Wedding Planner

Our guest blogger Jessica, a former US expat who recently returned from a prolonged stay in Europe to Washington, DC, describes the difficulties of planning a wedding when the romance in question involves a transatlantic relationship. You can read more about Jessica’s life in DC on her private blog, Adventures of the Repatriate. This past […]

My Whirlwind Dutcharican Romance

InterNations guestblogger Jessica, a recent US repatriate from Brussels, remembers how she started a cross-Atlantic long-distance relationship just six weeks before her imminent departure. In a kingdom far, far away, there is a man who I have fallen in love with. I met my Dutchman (his name for blogging purposes) in the most inconvenient of […]

My First InterNations Event in Washington, DC

This week, our guestblogger Jessica – a recent US repatriate from Belgium – talks about attending her first InterNations Event in Washington, DC. As most expats know, the moving process is always challenging. It takes a few months to get settled in and figure out a new city. As a “repat” (my version of the […]