InterNations Members Inspire Action for a Good Cause

As the year is coming to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the amazing activities organized by InterNations members for a good cause. 24,000 members are part of our 32 Volunteer Groups in New York, Dubai, Zurich, Vienna, Bangkok and Munich, amongst others. Due to the Group Consuls’ […]

Munich Volunteers: Supporting People with Cerebral Palsy

Thursday, 3 December, marks the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In Munich, InterNations Volunteer Group Consul Temenuga Bakalska organizes regular activities for people with disabilities, together with our partner organization, the Münchner Förderzentrum. What does the International Day of Persons with Disabilities mean to you in relation to your role as Group Consul? […]

My InterNations: The Networking Professionals

My personal networking tip — don’t follow my example! Despite loving the written word, I get nervous talking to strangers: my perfectly honed elevator pitch would probably leave my mouth sounding like “warrrghaabllfff”. Moving abroad, you can’t afford to neglect business networking, though — not even if you’re shy, like me. So I’ve asked some […]

Culture Sharing for Children’s Day

On 20 November we celebrate the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day. Jacira Barros, Volunteer Group Consul in São Paulo, shares her experiences of organizing creative activities for children with a local non-profit organization. What does the Universal Children’s Day mean to you in relation to your role as Volunteer Group Consul? This is a month […]

Ending Hunger with the InterNations Volunteer Groups

Chronic hunger affects around 805 million people worldwide. InterNations Volunteer Group Consuls Elisabeth, Jacken, Alejandra, Dianka and Susanna are doing their part in working towards the goal of World Food Day, which takes place on 16 October, to make food available for everyone. Distributing Food and Helping Children Grow Up Jacken Zheng, Beijing, Guangai School […]