Noodles and Pasta around the World: International Recipes to Discover

For all of you who aren’t planning on cutting carbs in the new year, we have good news! In the US, National Spaghetti Day is celebrated on 4 January:  it’s inspired us to get our chef hats on and find out which stringy, starchy dish is a favorite in various countries. Japan’s Culinary Revolution The […]

10 Gifts You Really Shouldn’t Get Your Expat Loved Ones

1. Anything with a plug I have two travel adapters. Well one, the other is broken and when I want to charge my phone and laptop at the same time, I have to risk electrocution and twist a fork into the back of it. So, as much as I appreciate the lava lamp and electrically […]

The Five Worst Places to Live as a Newly Arrived Expat

Every expat knows how difficult it can be to find accommodation upon arrival. Sometimes, this leads to rather absurd housing situations. Here’s a more humorous take on a potentially stressful topic. 1) The Single Room: It’s actually perfectly fine, and it has everything you need: kitchenette, bed, desk, TV, etc. There is only one tiny […]

What Not to Bring: The 3 Most Random Items for a Desert Island

What would you take with you to a desert island? When we posed this question in the InterNations office, answers were predictably diverse, but not always serious. Here’s a look at some of the funnier suggestions on what (not) to take with you. Prompted by the changeable summer weather, quite a few InterNations staffers have […]