Around the World in Seven Films

On Sunday, March 8, International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, political, and social achievements of women around the globe – but it also reminds us how much there’s still left to achieve. In honor of the occasion, we’d like to invite you on a special journey around the world that focuses on the creative achievements […]

Expats in History: A Zanzibari Princess in Germany

Our Activity Groups Manager Franziska reflects on the life of one of her historic role models, Sayyida Salima bint Said, born as a princess of Oman and Zanzibar and later known as Emily Ruete. In 2011, I stumbled upon the newest book by Nicole C. Vosseler, a German novelist. “Stars over Zanzibar” promised a good […]

The Lost Restaurants of Tehran

InterNations member Philip muses about a gone-by era, when Tehran was a hip and open city and foreigners and locals frequented the same downtown restaurants with their European names and flair… Interesting title you may say, and how can restaurants be lost. Well I don’t mean lost in the common sense, it isn’t the kind […]

Old-World and New-Age Expats

Asari from Copenhagen, Denmark recounts her grandmother’s story of coming to Copenhagen in the 1920s from Ibadan, Nigeria and her initial experience of adjusting to being somewhat of a rarity in her new home. “I was very tall and very dark and had thick long curly hair which defied every attempt at containment by any […]

Third Culture Kids 50 Years Ago – A Different Story?

Deepesh’s story (read it here) made me think about the whole concept of Third Culture Kids. I had a quick look at the book written by Pollock and van Reken and have a few reflections I would like to share with you. First of all the term is not very intuitive – rarely does one […]