Expat Failure — And Three Essential Things to Help Prevent It

Failure is a pretty harsh word. Obviously, nobody likes talking about their own life in terms of failure — although nobody succeeds at everything they try. Even expats can fail, though you might be wondering what this means. Strictly speaking, the expression “expat failure“ is used in the HR and global mobility industry, as well […]

The Greatest Reasons to Love Life Abroad

Why do you love expat life? Is it because the world has become your office? Because every day is an adventure? Or because you enjoy discovering new things about our planet and its people? From 19 June to 3 July, we asked our members on Twitter to let us know why they like living abroad […]

Expat Life for Introverts: The Best Way to Thrive Abroad

First things first: When we’re talking introverts, we are not talking about shy, awkward, or antisocial people. Some introverts are shy and deeply dislike such situations as speaking before a large audience or being the life of the party, but by no means all. Most introverts have perfectly fine social skills — even great ones. […]

InterNations Insider Tips: Marvel at Beautiful Muscat

InterNations Founder & Co-CEO Malte Zeeck shares his experiences in Oman, where he explored the capital city Muscat during a community visit. The Grand Mosque: An Architectural Masterpiece With fewer very tall high-rise buildings dotting the capital’s skyline than in, for example, the neighboring UAE, some other striking landmarks will inevitably stand out. The remarkable […]

Breaking Out of the Expat Bubble: 5 Steps to Connecting with the Local Culture

Any expat knows how tempting it is to stick around with your fellow newcomers, but if you want to fully connect with the local culture, it can be difficult to break out of the so-called “expat bubble”. Making friends with other expats is perfectly understandable. Arriving in a new place can be daunting, so it […]