A TCK’s Journey at a Crossroads

This time, our blog doesn’t talk about exploring the world through running, but rather about metaphorical crossroads and personal journeys. Guest blogger Joyce describes growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and searching for her own identity. For all the TCKs that I have met and known out there, it is never a journey […]


InterNations guestblogger Abu Muhammed, a US expatriate who is now living in Saudia Arabia, shares his impressions of his first trip to Indonesia. The first thing that I noticed about Jakarta was how domestic the airport seemed. It reminded me of my childhood neighbor’s front yard. Her name was Ms White, and she had a […]

Expats in History: A Zanzibari Princess in Germany

Our Activity Groups Manager Franziska reflects on the life of one of her historic role models, Sayyida Salima bint Said, born as a princess of Oman and Zanzibar and later known as Emily Ruete. In 2011, I stumbled upon the newest book by Nicole C. Vosseler, a German novelist. “Stars over Zanzibar” promised a good […]

In Search of Fingerprints in Jeddah

Our guestblogger Abu Muhammed from Saudi Arabia muses upon stress caused by ongoing culture shock and, paradoxically, by the slow pace of life in his new home. I heard an acquaintance of a friend of mine was told to leave the KSA because at the age of 33, he had developed a heart condition. He’d […]

Five Questions for Heiko Saeger from KOMUNIKI

In this brief interview, Heiko Saeger, former expat and CEO of the recently launched NPO KOMUNIKI, tells us more about his project, the importance of intercultural competence, and the (pro bono) e-training modules that his organization provides. 1) What is the KOMUNIKI Project all about? The KOMUNIKI PROJECT is an international team of experts who […]