Managing a Split Identity as an Expat

When you walk off that airplane as an expat for the first time, do you realize how your life is about to change? You may have heard stories, met other expats, and even had friends who were expats from other countries, but when your own turn comes isn’t it different? Afterward you go through all […]

Five Life Lessons You Learn as an Expat

1. Do What You Really Want to Do If you keep waiting for the “right time” and the “right opportunity”, you’ll be waiting forever. There is never a right time to make your dreams come true. Life-changing decisions always require an effort and create some hassle. Are you dreaming of living in a particular country […]

Homesickness: The Best 5 Tips for Beating the “Expat Blues”

Even expats get the blues: Moving abroad is a tremendously exciting opportunity, but sooner or later every expat has to grapple with some stressful issues. Sometimes, you’ll cope pretty well with the dreaded culture shock – for example, because you’ve been to the country before or because it’s quite similar to your own in a […]

The Stages of Culture Shock – An Expat’s Individual Journey

Our guest blogger Benjamin remembers what his first move to Europe taught him about culture shock. Wikipedia defines Culture Shock as “the personal disorientation felt when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life”. Culture shock can consist of four distinct phases: Honeymoon, Negotiation, Adjustment, and Mastery. Having lived in a few different places, I have experienced […]

Six Degrees North: An Interview with Expat Blogger Chrissie in Ghana

In this interview series we let our members take the spotlight! Today, we are talking to Chrissie, an Australian expat in Ghana. She joined her husband in West Africa about one and half years ago and blogs about her Ghanaian adventure on Six Degrees North. 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Who […]