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What is InterNations?

InterNations is the largest international community for people who live and work abroad. With InterNations, you can

    – connect with international people in your city
    – join exciting events to meet fellow expats
    – get tips and information about your destination.

We offer global networking opportunities, local events and activities, as well as expat-relevant tips and information in our forums and destinations guides. We help expats to feel at home abroad in 390 cities around the world. To ensure the quality of the community, InterNations membership is by approval only.


Who are our members?

We reach out to the multi-faceted expat community:

    – diplomats and embassy staff
    – members of IGOs and NGOs
    – foreign correspondents and journalists
    – expats employed by multinational companies
    – their family members, etc.

We also cater to local residents with strong ties to this community (e.g. “repatriates”).


What is this blog all about?

We are trying to strike a balance between company news and expat-relevant topics.

Our posts include a wide range of subjects:

    – international holiday customs and traditions
    – expat interviews
    – tips and advice, etc.


Who posts on this blog?

Most entries are written and posted by employees at the InterNations head office in Munich, Germany.

We also feature various guest authors, who contribute to our blog on a semi-regular or one-off basis. They present their own experience of living abroad and related topics. The views expressed in their articles do not represent the official viewpoint of InterNations or our staff.

If a post was written by a guest blogger, it is usually indicated in the introduction or the short author biography at the end of the post.


Can I have my say, too?

Of course. Please leave a comment!

Our comment section is moderated and has a strong anti-spam filter. It can take one day until your comment shows up, or longer over the weekend and on public holidays.

Any replies that violate basic netiquette or our website’s terms & conditions will not be published.

If you would like to get in touch with our guest authors beyond commenting on their contribution here, please check their personal webspace for direct contact information.


How can I get in touch?

If you would like to become a guest blogger or if you have any questions or suggestions, please write to blog@internations.org.

However, we do not publish advertorials, link exchange posts, commercial entries, sponsored content, etc. on this blog.

For general questions about InterNations, send your message to info@internations.org.

Technical difficulties should be reported to support@internations.org.

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52 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Hi All,
    I”m a new member here.
    Not an expat yet, but living abroad since 13 years now.
    Always on my own and now in the Netherlands.
    I came on this blog to ask some suggestions, as my goal is to move abroad (Europe) again, but this time as an expat!
    Currently working, but open and flexible to hear ideas of international companies or contacts to move on!
    To whom and where can I give more information?

    Thank you so much,

  2. Hi Rachel,

    our comment section is moderated and has a strong anti-spam filter. All comments need to be approved manually. Sorry for the delay!

    As for your other questions, I’ve just written you an email.

  3. hello,
    I am a indian , and I want to get settle in mangua. NICARAGUA .
    because I am in love with someone there.
    can any one help me to reach there.
    and I am a ladies garment stock seller can I settle there . please advice me. ,

  4. Hi,

    If you are looking for advice on Nicaragua, you might want to join our Local Community there.


  5. Hi,

    my name is Francesca and I am thinking about an offer I received for working in Abu Dhabi.

    I am 30 years old and I should be there alone.

    Is there anyone having some long term experience in Abu? Any advise?


  6. @Francesca:

    Have you already asked the members of our Abu Dhabi Community? We have quite a busy expat network there!


  7. Hi to all of you, i am a new member in this Blog . I joined because i want to ask some suggestions on particular topics.


  8. Hi Mehak,

    What would you like to know or suggest regarding this blog?

  9. Hi,
    my name is Alessandra, i’m 28 years old and i’m a management engineer.
    I’m looking for a job in Dubai, i would like some advice about my reserch.
    Is there anyone who can help me?

  10. Hi Alessandra,

    Have you already asked the members of our Dubai Community if they can help you out?


    Good luck with the job search!

  11. Hi,

    i want to study, work and live in Seoul and i´d like some advice.


  12. Hi Meryem,

    Have you already joined our expat community in Seoul?


    Maybe the local members can give you a few useful tips.

  13. I want to know where do these meets happen in Hyderabad, India?

  14. Hi Deepthi,

    First of all, I’m sorry for the belated reply. Moderating the comment section of this blog was briefly interrupted by the Christmas vacation of much of the InterNations team. Happy New Year, by the way!

    I’m afraid, though, that we don’t have a local community with official events in Hyderabad yet. So far, there are InterNations Communities in Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune, but not in Hyderabad – sorry!

  15. Hello i’m trying to find job in dubai?
    I’m living in Portugal any help is welcome

    thank’s, luis

  16. Hi Luis,

    it’s probably best to ask the members of our Dubai Expat Community directly. I hope they can help you out.


  17. Hi guys , I am Soham, recently moved to Cairo. Want to have some information on Nile Dinner cruise. Can some one help to find a good and cost effective option?

  18. Hi Soham,

    I’m afraid that this blog is maintained at the InterNations office in Munich, Germany. If you need local information about Cairo, you could try asking the members of our Cairo expat community:


  19. Hi All, I am new to Bangalore as I had lived in UAE for few years. I am here for a short project , People say Bangalore is an happening place but my view is different may be because I have no good contacts here. If some one is on my same boat ,please let me know. I am interested in adventure sports and professional networking.

    I am not sure whether I can reflect my mail Id here. Admin please advice.

  20. Hi Prakash,

    You can find our Bangalore Community here: http://www.internations.org/bangalore-expats

    The last Bangalore Event only took place a week ago, so I suppose the next one will be scheduled for mid-March. The date hasn’t been announced yet.

    Our Photography Activity Group seems to be fairly popular and active:


  21. hi all, I’m Bithan, 28 years old. Pharmacist in the Philippines. I’m trying to find a job in Austria. I would like some advice about my research. Any help and kind suggestions is highly appreciated.


  22. @Bithan:

    Thanks for commenting!

    I’m afraid that this FAQ section is mostly supposed to address questions concerning this blog or the InterNations Community. If you are looking for specific information on the job search in Austria, you might try asking, for example, the menbers of our expat community in Vienna. Thanks!


  23. I m new in this blog .. I am a physician. I want to work and live in Germany, i ‘d like some advice..

  24. I’m afraid that we are just a social network, not an immigration agency, so we can’t really give input on individual cases.

    However, if you are interested in working in Germany as a physician, these links might be of interest to you:

    – The EU Blue Card (visa/permit for highly qualified people)


    – The German Medical Association:


    – Several job search engines for the medical profession (all German only – sorry!)





  25. Hi;
    Myself kalyan from Tripura. India. I wanna move at USA / Canada. So give me a suggestions.

  26. Hi Kalyan

    If you’re interested in moving to the US or Canada, please check the websites of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Immigration and Citizenship information provided by the government of Canada.




  27. Hello Sir
    I am a refugee, and I ask you how I can immigrate and live in Australia using our Internation Group Australia.

  28. @Twagirayezu Pascal:

    We’re sorry to hear about your situation. However, please consider that InterNations is merely a social networking site. Unfortunately, we don’t offer any legal support or immigration services for any destination.

    You can find detailed information on immigration to Australia here, though it may be very hard to get a visa on humantarian grounds:


    There’s a list of Australian embassies and consulates as well, but as far as I’m aware, there’s sadly not even a mission in Brazzaville:


  29. Hey there, I leave in London But this Summer July and August I will be staying in Sofia, Bulgaria. Can you please help me how to find the local Internations events Many thanks

  30. @Stephanie:

    Are you already a member of InterNations?

    If so, please log in and temporarily change your InterNations Community to Sofia: Just select Sofia from the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the navigation bar on the start page. After that, you just have to click on “Calendar” to see all upcoming events in the Sofia Community.

    Enjo your stay in Bulgaria!

  31. Hello
    i’m arabic teacher to teach arabic to non-arab in dubai
    Contact with me in whatsup:0565500198

  32. Hi everyone
    InterNations is the best
    Thank you

  33. Hallo sir/Madam,
    Im from Kenya.Im soon going to Frankfurt for visitation meaning a short visa.Is it possible to extend to a year?
    Im a kindergarten teacher can i get to learn deutsch as well teach English.

  34. Hello Rebecca,
    You sadly won’t be able to simply extend a short-stay visa, I’m afraid, especially not if you are planning on working in Germany.
    You can find out more on the website of the Auswärtiges Amt, or by getting in touch with your nearest German Embassy or Consulate.
    Best of luck and enjoy your stay in Frankfurt,

  35. I love your blog and what your doing to make a change in peoples life.God bless.

  36. Is there a local community in Brazil?

  37. Yes, there is. We have several InterNations Communities in Brazil — in Brasilia, Campinas, Goiania, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo.

  38. Dear Madam/Sir,

    My name is Sophia Mirzoeva and I’m working with the Volvo China Open in Golf.
    We would like to approach the international community in the Beijing area and that’s why I’m turning to you.

    This will be the first International Golf Tournament in the Beijing Area since 2009. It will be played on a golf course located in the very beautiful and prestigious Yanqi Lake Area or what sometimes is called the APEC area. We think this would be a very nice day out for your members and their families. I am also sure that the international players would appreciate the support from their fellow country-men during this important tournament.

    As you see below you can register for complimentary tickets online or at the gate. However we are also able to send you paper tickets that you can distribute to your members. If you prefer paper tickets, please let us know how many you need.
    We hope to see many of your fellow citizens as our guest at the 22nd Open Golf Championship of China

    Please feel free to use the proposed text on your website etc.
    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call on: 18321655171Mikael Molin
    Business Development

    Best Regards,

    Volvo Event Management

  39. I thought the site was for internations expat and when u sign up u get rejected so what’s the formula for getting through your site seems u r choosing who pick race n where they are coming from which for me is racism some people were accepted after me n was wondering how come,help me to understand this or else change the name of your blog

  40. Hi Tabitha,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear your membership application was rejected. I’ve forwarded your comment to our Member Relations Team, who will look into the matter. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact them directly via support@internations.org.

    Best regards,

  41. I second the motion, Tabitha. I used to be a member of Internations The Hague, Netherlands without any problems in becoming a member. Then I took a Managerial position in Qatar with a mind-set to join Internations Qatar only to get rejected because of where I was born. I asked for explanation for the rejection after several follow ups but got nothing. Then I came to the conclusion that they are just a bunch of rednecks, ignorant group living in the Middle Ages. By the way, I am Dutch citizen born from the Philippines, just to prove my point.

  42. Dear Astrand,

    I’m very sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with our application process. I’ve forwarded your comment to our Member Relations Team and asked them to look into this matter.

    Best regards,

  43. Quiero darme de baja como lo puedo hacer? Gracias

  44. Hi Yaneth,

    Thank you for getting in touch! If you’d like to cancel your membership, please send a message to support@internations.org. Thanks!

    Best regards,

  45. Hello,
    I’m discovering with surprise that you debit my credit card of 41,70 twice and that without asking me any permission nether inform me.
    I never use your services, I subscribe in 2015 for free as I was just arrived in Paris, but I’ve never been informed about how costly is reciving yours spams!
    You send a lot of mails about everything except the mail about invoice and payment?
    I’m a lawyer and I found your behaviour inaceptable and unfair.

    Please provide to reimbourse me of 83,40 euros as soon as possible.
    Chiara de leonardis

  46. Hi Chiara,

    Thank you for getting in touch!

    I’m sorry to hear this, and I will forward your message immediately to our Customer Support Team. I’ll ask them to look into this matter.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact them directly via support@internations.org.

    Best regards,

  47. I applied for membership/registration and was rejected in matter of minutes.
    I have no idea what criteria was applied as none is demanded or requested.
    I am US citizen l have moved to Karachi, wanting to join Karachi chapter.
    I am comfortable communicating in English, and I also used to teach English at PACC Karachi.
    The rejection letter was computer generated so there.
    Kindly copy your response to my email address too.

    Tim Siddiqui

  48. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear that you had difficulties registering with InterNations. I have forwarded your message to my colleagues from customer support, who’ll be in touch via email. If you have any further questions, please contact them via support@internations.org.


  49. I applied for membership using my real location and birthplace twice. Got rejected within a matter of minutes both times. Then, I decided to try and alter my birthplace to a majority “caucasian” western country. And lo and behold, application accepted. This is some crap. Internations is so racist, it’s a disgrace. And so many people I speak to about this confirm that it’s the same case for them. Disgusted.

  50. Dear CN,

    Thank you for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear that you had difficulty in registering with InterNations. I’ve forwarded your comment to our Support Team and have asked them to look into this matter. You can also contact them directly via support@internations.org.

    Best regards,

  51. Hi! I would like help in leaving my membership/ account and it doesn’t say anywhere how to turn join out this profile /account. Help plz

  52. Hi,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I have forwarded your message to our Support Team and asked them to help you. You can also reach them directly via support@internations.org.

    Best regards,

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