Digital Nomads: Myth vs Reality

When hearing the word “nomad”, you may be thinking of white-clad Bedouins traversing a majestic desert. But when we talk about “digital nomads”, which images come to mind now? Originally coined as an academic term in the 1990s, the phrase didn’t take off as a popular buzzword before the early 2000s when rapid technological advances […]

The Three Biggest Mistakes Expats Make in Career Change

You’re going to do it. You’re going to completely change your career. Whether you’re doing it because of your desire to break free and move abroad no matter what or because all you’ve learned through the experience has made you seek out new horizons, changing your career is a big but brave step. And while […]

Kick Off Your International Job Search

Are you crazy for a change of scenery at work? Would you like to boost your CV, or are you “just” looking for a career-related challenge? So, what about searching for a new position abroad? But before you start your international job search, consider the following questions to determine your goals and priorities: – Do […]

Labor or Leisure? Working Time around the Globe

This Thursday, May 1, is a welcome day off from work for millions of people across the globe. While the Anglophone world (e.g. Canada or the US) has established Labor Day as a national holiday in autumn, many other countries, for instance in Europe or Latin America, celebrate the same occasion on a different date. […]

Hi-Tech Chaos

Josef from Germany moved to Kolkata (Calcutta), India to work at a software company and is amazed at how incredibly chaotic things are at his new job! I have to be honest and say that I was not too excited about moving to India for a two year expat assignment. A colleague of mine was […]

Negotiations en France

Juan Carlos from Costa Rica got a promotion at his job, which transferred him to Marseilles, France. He was incredibly excited about this prospect and really looked forward to France. What took him a long time to get accustomed to, were the very different working conditions and inter-work relationships! I always thought the French were […]

Immaculate Clothes and Frigid Stares

Annie from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, moved to Miami, Florida for her new job. She expresses her culture shock regarding the people and the work atmosphere. I remember how I used to not be able to wait to get out of Eindhoven. In school we would always talk about going to America or some other […]

Working with Allah

George from Vancouver has just come back from his nine month expat assignment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and shares his experiences in the working environment. He tells us about the different aspects of doing business in Saudi Arabia and what things he had difficulty with most. When I moved to Riyadh I was well aware […]

To Be Liked or Respected – a Brazilian Expat Professor’s Dilemma

I interviewed Carlos, a Brazilian art historian who came to Munich, Germany 5 months ago. He sums up the main differences between Brazilian and German university etiquette. Valentina: Carlos, what do you remember from your fist days at the Ludwig Maximilian University here in Munich? Carlos: Hmm, I did not know anybody at the beginning, […]

The Spanish Lunch

My friend Jennifer, an insurance saleswoman from Chicago recently gave me a brief insight about some of the experiences she made during a 6 month expat assignment in Valencia Spain. My company just recently sent me on a 6 month overseas assignment to Valencia. I was very excited about this prospect as I’d heard of […]