My First InterNations Event in Washington, DC

This week, our guestblogger Jessica – a recent US repatriate from Belgium – talks about attending her first InterNations Event in Washington, DC. As most expats know, the moving process is always challenging. It takes a few months to get settled in and figure out a new city. As a “repat” (my version of the […]

Feeling Like an Expat in Your Own City

Our new guest blogger Jessica from Adventures of the Repatriate opens her series on repatriation with some musings on how it felt to move to the US after seven years of living overseas, in Belgium, and how she gets over being “homesick” for Brussels. We also have an interview with Jessica on her (former) expat […]

29 Shiny New Expat Communities for You

InterNations has some more new Local Communities! Find out where they are and how your city can become a Local InterNations Community too! It’s always a pleasure for us to make this happy announcement, and today the time has come again: InterNations has opened more new Local Communities! This means that InterNations is now represented […]

Raising Babies Abroad

Living abroad with children – everyone who has ever done it knows that most of the time, you can’t just carry on doing exactly what you used to do back home. Can you remain true to your family values and beliefs when circumstances change dramatically? Our guest blogger Abu Muhammed talks about his experiences raising […]

Playing in the Concrete Jungle

Jimmy from Chicago decided to take up a job offer in Tokyo in order to learn about his family heritage and discover whether his grandparents’ experiences of Tokyo before coming to America still ring true. In this blog entry, he tells us about some of his impressions from his first day in Tokyo. I wouldn’t […]

Georgia Backwoods?

Yolanda from Uruguay moved to Atlanta, Georgia a year ago and decided that she would like to see the rural American South, so she packed up her car and took a road trip through the Georgia countryside to see whether or not the the deep south is really all that which her stereotypical image showed […]

Immaculate Clothes and Frigid Stares

Annie from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, moved to Miami, Florida for her new job. She expresses her culture shock regarding the people and the work atmosphere. I remember how I used to not be able to wait to get out of Eindhoven. In school we would always talk about going to America or some other […]

Back to the Roots, or Once Again Uprooted

Originally from the United States, Jamila has lived most of her life abroad. After 25 years of living in Quebec, Holland and then Spain, she follows her husband George back to the US. What she thought would be a relatively easy and uneventful readjustment to American culture, surprised her by being almost even more difficult […]

From Taboon to a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Mohammad from Jordan moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) for work recently and tells us of an experience with the American fast-food industry… Although it may be a stereotype, it is common knowledge to all Jordanians that Americans love their fast-food and quite often devour it with fervor! In my small town there are no McDonald’s, […]

More New Communities

As promised in our Blog on Tuesday, InterNations is pleased to introduce the remaining newly implemented Communities! Below you will find information about the city the Community is in and a bit about their respective Ambassadors. Bodrum, Turkey Originally a small fisherman’s town, Bodrum became popularized by a select few Turkish intellectuals around the 1950s. […]