Important Tax Deadlines for US Expats

Every April is a reminder of the looming filing deadlines for getting your United States tax affairs in order. Whether you are looking to file a return early or thinking about filing an extension, there are some important dates that you want to keep handy so that you do not let an essential deadline slip […]

My InterNations: Home is where the expats are

We have a special new year’s surprise for you: In 2015, we’d like to introduce you to various members around the world. We want to explore how InterNations has changed their lives and how they are changing the lives of others in turn: by bringing people together, sharing knowledge, and offering support. They are creating […]

Book Review: Quiet New York

“Let silence take you to the core of life.” This quote by the 13th-century Persian mystic Rumi could serve as the unofficial motto for author Siobhan Wall and her series of unusual travel guides. She is an artist, photographer, writer, and curator in search of tranquility, even in the very midst of urban life. Motivated […]

Lonely No More

After last week’s guest blog entry explained why leaving the expat bubble is important, this week’s guest author — Andrea, a German expat in the US — ponders the differences between friendships among expats and friendships with locals. Below, she also provides tips on making new friends abroad, so don’t miss out on her advice! […]

Embrace Difference: What Expat-“Local” Relationships Can Teach Us

Our guest blogger Andrea, a German expat living in the United States, explains what her own German-American marriage has taught her about international relationships, as well as keeping the romance alive. Andrea is working as a free-lance author and blogs – mostly in German – about her life in the US on Andrea J […]

Five Questions for Debbie Wibowo from Upwardly Global

We have recently talked quite a bit about “self-made expats” in this blog. But what about skilled immigrants, or highly qualified refugees, who’d like to “make it”, too, but who often have more difficulties in finding a career opportunity in their field? The US organization “Upwardly Global” aims to support this very specific group of […]

International Entertaining

Last week, our guest author Paul provided some helpful advice on making friends in a new place. Today, our regular guest blogger Jessica – a Puertorican-American expat recently returned to the States, who blogs about her experience on Adventures of the Repatriate – shows us another great way of meeting new people and bringing them […]

Founder’s Diary: German IT Business & the US Start-Up Scene (Part 1)

Have you ever wanted to get a look behind the scenes of famous companies like Facebook or Google? InterNations founder and CEO Malte Zeeck recently toured the offices of these and other (former) start-ups in Silicon Valley. Read more about his trip below. This May, I enjoyed an absolutely amazing opportunity to visit the United […]

Founder’s Diary: German IT Business & the US Start-Up Scene (Part 2)

After part 1, here is the rest of the travel diary that covers the trip of InterNations founder and CEO, Malte Zeeck, behind the scenes of Silicon Valley. The following morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast in the hotel restaurant, taking in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the cable cars […]

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

After the famous Boston Marathon was overshadowed by the shocking bombings this year, it is perhaps time to remember what running a marathon is actually about: For many participants, it’s a highly personal event, an opportunity to push yourself to the limit, to discover new aspirations or make old dreams come true. Such a race […]