Founder’s Diary: Ankara

My very last visit to an InterNations Community in 2013 took me to Ankara, the capital of Turkey. When I set out on my three-hour flight from Munich, I was a bit worried about the current political situation. After all, since the original protests against the new development plan for Taksim Gezi Park (Istanbul) that […]

Founder’s Diary: Izmir

Last Friday, on December 6th, I set out for one of my last InterNations-related trips in 2013. In many parts of Germany, as in plenty of other countries, this date has a special significance for kids. As the 6th of December is the feast day of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, they receive […]

Founder’s Diary: Hello and Good-bye in Istanbul

The recent Whitsun weekend afforded working folks and students in Germany a long bank-holiday weekend, and InterNations founder Malte Zeeck took the opportunity to fly out to Turkey and visit our Istanbul expat community. He tells us all about his trip below… Istanbul is one of my favourite cities in the world. This beautiful city […]

My First Turkish Wedding

Cheryl from Scotland recounts her experience at her Turkish boyfriend’s sister’s wedding in Istanbul. I was wholly unprepared for the amplitude and complexity that awaited me at Selim’s sister’s wedding! I knew, from what Selim had told me that Turkish weddings were celebrated much more extravagantly than we would ever do, although I had always […]

Sprouting Up Like Mushrooms!

New InterNations Local Communities, that is. As promised, here comes a brief introduction to a few more new Local Communities that will be officially online this week! Read on to find out information about the cities they are in, how large the Communities are and who their Ambassadors are. Who knows, perhaps you may be […]

More New Communities

As promised in our Blog on Tuesday, InterNations is pleased to introduce the remaining newly implemented Communities! Below you will find information about the city the Community is in and a bit about their respective Ambassadors. Bodrum, Turkey Originally a small fisherman’s town, Bodrum became popularized by a select few Turkish intellectuals around the 1950s. […]

InterNations in the International Press: Muscat Daily & Time Out Istanbul

Thanks to our great Ambassadors in Oman and Turkey, our InterNations Communities in Muscat as well as Istanbul were featured with full-length articles and interviews in the local press. The Muscat Daily, Oman’s fourth (and newest) daily paper, recently published a short reportage (page 1 and page 2) on InterNations Ambassador Susan Bagyura and the […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in July 2010

As far as the past month’s event highlights are concerned, the team at the InterNations office in Munich is especially proud that we established a new record for our local community: Over 500 guests with all sorts of national backgrounds celebrated at the city’s most famous “in”-club in mid-July. In Istanbul, there were at least […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in June 2010

If our most successful events in the month of flaming June had one thing in common, it was a beautiful open-air setting to take advantage of the hot weather and its warm and mellow summer nights. Another common aspect was the exclusive character of these get-togethers: Our Ambassadors definitely did their very best to surprise […]

InterNations in the Press

If you would like to know what our members in Bodrum (Turkey) and Toronto (Canada) are currently up to, look no further: The Bodrum online edition of Hürriyet Daily News has posted about the two most recent InterNations Get-Togethers in May and June, and our latest Toronto meet-up was covered by South-Asian Generation Next. Special […]