Munich Volunteers: Supporting People with Cerebral Palsy

Thursday, 3 December, marks the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In Munich, InterNations Volunteer Group Consul Temenuga Bakalska organizes regular activities for people with disabilities, together with our partner organization, the Münchner Förderzentrum. What does the International Day of Persons with Disabilities mean to you in relation to your role as Group Consul? […]

InterNations Volunteer Groups — A Summer of Making a Difference

The InterNations Volunteer Program offers great opportunities for helping others and giving something back to the community you live in. Our Volunteer Groups — 32 around the globe — have been very active this summer, with almost 100 activities in August and September and 1,500 people taking part so far. Already, more than 20,400 InterNations […]

Oktoberfest in Munich and Around the World

It’s that time of the year again when Munich’s residents dust off their Lederhosen and Dirndl to join millions of tourists for the biggest event of the year: the Oktoberfest! InterNations team member Gregor shares his own take on this Bavarian festival and its exports. I’ve been living in Munich for just over four years […]

Urban Travel with a Twist: 5 European Cities in the Spotlight

August is arguably the most popular vacation season all year round. While it might be a bit too late to book this year’s trip, this travel-themed post will hopefully serve as inspiration for 2015. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, Europe is still the most popular tourist destination worldwide. With a share of 52% […]

InterNations Makes a Difference in December

Last month, InterNations went completely MADD – and we are very happy about this. Don’t worry! You needn’t be concerned for our general sanity. MADD is short for our new “Make a Difference in December!” campaign. Just in time for the holiday season 2013, we initiated community involvement in 16 cities worldwide, from Bangalore to […]

We Can Be Heroes, Just for One Day!

Unlike what the title, a quote from the famous 1977 hit “Heroes”, suggests, the InterNations Team didn’t attend a David Bowie concert lately. However, we did manage to assemble several intrepid heroes and heroines to take part in the Heldenrennen 2012. The Heldenrennen or Heroes Race is a series of charity runs hosted in various […]

A Brit in Munich: Expat Interview

We are aiming to interview expats in various different regions of the world, asking them about their life, their motivation, their ups and downs of expat life, and what they would recommend to newly arrived expats in their town. Our first interviewee is our guest blogger Simon, a British expat in Munich. Enjoy! What is […]

She Stoops to Conquer

During his past two years living in Germany, British expat Simon soon realized that one of the things he missed most about London was the monthly visits to the theatre with his family and friends. Rather slow progress with the German language and a very limited availability of English-language theatre productions in Munich have turned […]

Just Passing Through, Amigo?

British expat Simon muses about drift and determination in Munich’s expat circles and finds that many of his expat friends have decided not to move to the UK again once their job has come to an end. So what attracts a British expat to life in Germany? As I ordered a burrito in Taco Libre […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: InterNations Team Summer Olympics

The InterNations team, based in Munich, decided that it was time to play hard after working so hard this year! Our founders Malte Zeeck and Philipp von Plato took us out to Ammersee near Munich and surprised us with a host of fun and challenging activities, both for the mind and body! Our day at […]