Immaculate Clothes and Frigid Stares

Annie from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, moved to Miami, Florida for her new job. She expresses her culture shock regarding the people and the work atmosphere. I remember how I used to not be able to wait to get out of Eindhoven. In school we would always talk about going to America or some other […]

Back to the Roots, or Once Again Uprooted

Originally from the United States, Jamila has lived most of her life abroad. After 25 years of living in Quebec, Holland and then Spain, she follows her husband George back to the US. What she thought would be a relatively easy and uneventful readjustment to American culture, surprised her by being almost even more difficult […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in June 2010

If our most successful events in the month of flaming June had one thing in common, it was a beautiful open-air setting to take advantage of the hot weather and its warm and mellow summer nights. Another common aspect was the exclusive character of these get-togethers: Our Ambassadors definitely did their very best to surprise […]