InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Things Worth Revisiting in Milan

Malte Zeeck, InterNations Founder & Co-CEO, talks about Milan’s classic sights that you shouldn’t miss out on. I am no stranger to Milan. In fact, in 1999 you would have found me among the hundreds of students lugging books around the campus of Bocconi University. Milan has a reputation for high-end design and expensive fashion […]

Founder’s Diary: Milan

Just like Rome, Milan — Italy’s industrial, commercial, and financial capital — used to be my home for a while when I was younger. My alma mater, the University of St. Gallen, offered me the opportunity to spend a semester at Bocconi University, Milan’s famous institution for economics, business, and law. While my university days […]

InterNations Insider Tips: 5 Offbeat Things to Do in Rome

Rome is my favorite city in the whole wide world. As I’ve mentioned in the blog post on my recent visit to the local InterNations Community, I used to live there myself: After finishing my military service with the German air force on Sardinia and before enrolling at university, I worked as an intern at […]

Founder’s Diary: Rome

After my last visit to an InterNations Community led me to Athens, I continued my tour of Southern Europe with a trip to Rome – one of my favorite cities in the world, with its Mediterranean ambience, full of warm sunshine and easy-going people. Though I used to live in Rome myself, I had never […]

Urban Travel with a Twist: 5 European Cities in the Spotlight

August is arguably the most popular vacation season all year round. While it might be a bit too late to book this year’s trip, this travel-themed post will hopefully serve as inspiration for 2015. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, Europe is still the most popular tourist destination worldwide. With a share of 52% […]

Surviving in Italy: An Interview with Blogger Misty in Florence

In this interview series we let our members take the spotlight! This week, we are introducing Misty, a former art student from the US who fell in love with Italy – and an Italian guy. She talks about her new life and her struggles with love, language, and culture on Surviving M.E. Please tell us […]

Fair Verona

InterNations team member Christin, a US expat living in Munich, goes on a trip to Verona, Italy, for the romance-themed town festival called “Verona in Love”. But it’s the city itself that she falls in love with. The day before Valentine’s Day, I found myself sitting on a park bench at Porta San Giorgio, a […]

Beautiful Venice, in the Midst of the Waves

Plenty of cities around the world style themselves „Venice“, and I have seen quite a few of them: for instance, Amsterdam with its grachtengordel (town canals) and Dutch Golden Age architecture is called the “Venice of the North”. Saint Petersburg along the Neva proudly lays claim to the title “Venice of Russia”, and the khlong […]

29 Shiny New Expat Communities for You

InterNations has some more new Local Communities! Find out where they are and how your city can become a Local InterNations Community too! It’s always a pleasure for us to make this happy announcement, and today the time has come again: InterNations has opened more new Local Communities! This means that InterNations is now represented […]

Umbrian Wine

Melanie from Los Angeles finds love with an Italian winegrower visiting California for a wine seminar who came into her wine shop. After a few months of leading long distance relationship, she decides to risk it and let go of her security blanket in the States and moves to Umbria in Italy. She shares her […]