Expats in History: A Zanzibari Princess in Germany

Our Activity Groups Manager Franziska reflects on the life of one of her historic role models, Sayyida Salima bint Said, born as a princess of Oman and Zanzibar and later known as Emily Ruete. In 2011, I stumbled upon the newest book by Nicole C. Vosseler, a German novelist. “Stars over Zanzibar” promised a good […]

Founder’s Diary: InterNations Frankfurt January Get-Together

InterNations Founder and CEO Malte Zeeck tells us all about his recent visit to the InterNations Frankfurt Community. It has been a while since I last visited Frankfurt, either the city in general or the InterNations Community in particular. Now, however, I am comfortably seated in an ICE train on the way to Frankfurt Central […]

We Can Be Heroes, Just for One Day!

Unlike what the title, a quote from the famous 1977 hit “Heroes”, suggests, the InterNations Team didn’t attend a David Bowie concert lately. However, we did manage to assemble several intrepid heroes and heroines to take part in the Heldenrennen 2012. The Heldenrennen or Heroes Race is a series of charity runs hosted in various […]

A Brit in Munich: Expat Interview

We are aiming to interview expats in various different regions of the world, asking them about their life, their motivation, their ups and downs of expat life, and what they would recommend to newly arrived expats in their town. Our first interviewee is our guest blogger Simon, a British expat in Munich. Enjoy! What is […]

She Stoops to Conquer

During his past two years living in Germany, British expat Simon soon realized that one of the things he missed most about London was the monthly visits to the theatre with his family and friends. Rather slow progress with the German language and a very limited availability of English-language theatre productions in Munich have turned […]

Every Child Knows That …

British expat Simon finds that there’s a whole new dimension to his relationship with his girlfriend ever since their move to Germany: Simple arguments suddenly turn into a matter of cross-cultural communication. Munich has one of the best broadband connections in the world, apparently. But last week we had a black out: No phone, no […]

Just Passing Through, Amigo?

British expat Simon muses about drift and determination in Munich’s expat circles and finds that many of his expat friends have decided not to move to the UK again once their job has come to an end. So what attracts a British expat to life in Germany? As I ordered a burrito in Taco Libre […]

Do You Shower Daily?

Marisa from Barcelona moved to Berlin for a new job and shares her experience of finding a flat. I hadn’t really thought much about how different Berlin would be from Barcelona, except of course the obvious language and climate difference. I learned German in school so I was quite happy to have that basis – […]

Hi-Tech Chaos

Josef from Germany moved to Kolkata (Calcutta), India to work at a software company and is amazed at how incredibly chaotic things are at his new job! I have to be honest and say that I was not too excited about moving to India for a two year expat assignment. A colleague of mine was […]

Please Check This Box for Complaints…

Expat Celia from Australia expresses an interesting view on how she sees some people in Germany, and wonders why it is that in this beautiful country, people never seem content or satisfied with their lives. Cultural differences come in many shapes and sizes! Language, food, mannerisms, etiquette, etc. What I had never considered before is […]