My InterNations: The Toulouse Dream Team

The Group Consuls of our Toulouse Travel Club are truly a dream team: Helly and Serhat met at an InterNations Event in April 2012; by now, the two aren’t only sharing the responsibilities for the members of their InterNations Groups, but also their life in la ville rose. Read their story to find out more […]

Urban Travel with a Twist: 5 European Cities in the Spotlight

August is arguably the most popular vacation season all year round. While it might be a bit too late to book this year’s trip, this travel-themed post will hopefully serve as inspiration for 2015. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, Europe is still the most popular tourist destination worldwide. With a share of 52% […]

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

Svetlana tells us her story about living and loving abroad and how her personal experience nearly tarnished her perception of a whole country forever. When I first came to Paris, one late summer over 6 years ago, I had no idea what a major impact this would have on my life. In fact, it all […]

Francophone ≠ Francophone

We interviewed Justine, originally from Montréal, Canada, who is now living in Lyon, and tells us how her initial expectations of life in France were completely up the wrong alley. Tell us a bit about yourself: How did you end up in Lyon? Was there any culture shock being a French-Canadian and going to France? […]

Negotiations en France

Juan Carlos from Costa Rica got a promotion at his job, which transferred him to Marseilles, France. He was incredibly excited about this prospect and really looked forward to France. What took him a long time to get accustomed to, were the very different working conditions and inter-work relationships! I always thought the French were […]

Last But Certainly Not Least…

Here are truly the final three InterNations Communities that we have to introduce! Rest assured that we will be introducing more in the coming months as InterNations continues to grow! Nuremberg, Germany Now one of Bavaria’s largest cities, Nuremberg, located in Franconia, was a central stop on the trade route from Italy to Northern Europe […]

Concluding the Introduction Round…

Fear not, you haven’t been forgotten! Although we promised last week to introduce all remaining new Local Communities, we let the InterNations Survey Series announcements take priority. We’re back on track now, so here are a couple more new Local Communities brought to your attention. Marseille, France With around 900,000 inhabitants, France’s 2nd largest city […]

From Europe to the Far East!

More of the new local InterNations Communities are described and new Ambassadors announced. Read on to find out whether your city is now an official InterNations Community! Basel, Switzerland Due to its unique location bordering France and Germany, Basel offers an interesting mix of languages and cultures. Basel is Switzerland’s third most populated city with […]

Founder’s Diary: April Events in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur

InterNations co-founder Malte Zeeck relays his thoughts and impressions from his visit to the Côte d’Azur and Monaco to attend the events planned by the Communities in Nice and Monte Carlo. The south of France is definitely one of the nicest regions to visit in Europe! The sun, the palm trees, and the smell of […]