InterNations Insider Tips: Delightful, Dazzling Dubai

When you start exploring Dubai, it’s best to dive straight into the incredible opulence that represents this hybrid city of tradition and futurism. Emily Englert, Head of Community Management at InterNations, has just returned from a trip to the UAE, full of fresh impressions from the desert’s most dazzling city. Burj Khalifa: On Top of […]

Team Diary: Dubai

InterNations Team Member Emily Englert — the Head of our Community Management Department — tells us about her recent trip to Dubai, during which she had the chance to attend an event hosted by the local community. Sun, Shock, and the Trip of a Lifetime Getting the chance to travel to Dubai was, for me, […]

My InterNations: A Dubai Champion

Dubai is not only among the world’s largest expat hubs, with over 80% of all UAE residents being non-Emiratis. The most populous city in the Emirates is also a city of superlatives when it comes to InterNations. Dubai is one of our biggest and busiest communities, with 55,000 members from across the globe. The Middle […]

Founder’s Diary: The UAE

Malte, InterNations founder and CEO, shares his fresh impressions of our expat communities in the United Arab Emirates. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to visit several InterNations Communities during one single trip. Spending my vacation in the United Arab Emirates, I seized the chance to attend InterNations Events in three cities. In late April, […]

Team Diary: Amelie Goes Middle East

InterNations team member Amelie, who works in our Ambassador & Events Team, has recently visited some of “her” expat communities in the Middle East. Here is her travel diary of this amazing trip, so full of cultural experiences, fun, and lots of lovely people… Having worked together with the Middle East so closely for the […]

Hidden Dubai

Moira from Ireland accompanied her husband Aidan on his expat assignment to Dubai. Struggling with the different culture, especially a woman’s role in it, she befriends her husband’s business partner’s wife and gets a completely different insight into Dubai society. I had expected as much! Aidan and I had been on vacation to Abu Dhabi […]

Team Diary: InterNations Goes UAE

Theresa, a member of our Community Management department, recently had the opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates and our local InterNations Communities for a few days in late November. Here are some impressions from her trip. Wednesday, 24/11/2010 A short time before midnight, I pass through passport control and enter the UAE. But only […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in August 2010

Diversity and out-of-the-box thinking for unusual event formats were apparently key for many of our global expat events during the past four weeks. Let’s take a quick trip around the world while looking back on a few selected InterNations get-togethers, great and small alike. In Europe, the London Community decided to show some sportsmanship and […]

InterNations Expat Events: Highlights in June 2010

If our most successful events in the month of flaming June had one thing in common, it was a beautiful open-air setting to take advantage of the hot weather and its warm and mellow summer nights. Another common aspect was the exclusive character of these get-togethers: Our Ambassadors definitely did their very best to surprise […]