Book Review: Secret Copenhagen

Are you a curious traveler? If you like straying off the beaten track and exploring the little-known corners of a city, we may have just the right travel guides for you. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Copenhagen, there are many curious traces of the past. Few of them receive as much attention […]

Founder’s Diary: Copenhagen

Recently, InterNations founder and CEO Malte Zeeck paid a visit to our InterNations Communities in two very different cities with a big international population. Right after Central America, it was time for him to be off to Northern Europe! Thankfully, my next trip involved less strenuous traveling than Mexico City. A few days after returning […]

Same Procedure as Last Year?

In three days, we will be preparing to welcome the beginning of a new year and, hopefully, plenty of good health, good fortune, and general happiness. Of course, there are many more New Year’s celebrations round the world than the New Year’s Eve of the Gregorian calendar on December 31st. There’s the Chinese Lunar New […]

Predisposed to Expatriate

Jen from Denmark tells us how she had always dreamed of going abroad since she was little, despite the fact that her parents had a certain distaste for everything non-Danish. Read on for her explanation of how she decided to follow her dreams and the hardships she faced with her family. I was raised in […]

Old-World and New-Age Expats

Asari from Copenhagen, Denmark recounts her grandmother’s story of coming to Copenhagen in the 1920s from Ibadan, Nigeria and her initial experience of adjusting to being somewhat of a rarity in her new home. “I was very tall and very dark and had thick long curly hair which defied every attempt at containment by any […]