Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites for Your Next Vacation

It’s that time of year again; the time when many people jet off abroad to warmer climates in the search of relaxation and discovery. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recently released an updated list of World Heritage sites, highlighted for their cultural and natural significance. Here are seven, new and […]

InterNations Makes a Difference in December

Last month, InterNations went completely MADD – and we are very happy about this. Don’t worry! You needn’t be concerned for our general sanity. MADD is short for our new “Make a Difference in December!” campaign. Just in time for the holiday season 2013, we initiated community involvement in 16 cities worldwide, from Bangalore to […]

29 Shiny New Expat Communities for You

InterNations has some more new Local Communities! Find out where they are and how your city can become a Local InterNations Community too! It’s always a pleasure for us to make this happy announcement, and today the time has come again: InterNations has opened more new Local Communities! This means that InterNations is now represented […]

Francophone ≠ Francophone

We interviewed Justine, originally from Montréal, Canada, who is now living in Lyon, and tells us how her initial expectations of life in France were completely up the wrong alley. Tell us a bit about yourself: How did you end up in Lyon? Was there any culture shock being a French-Canadian and going to France? […]

Predisposed to Expatriate

Jen from Denmark tells us how she had always dreamed of going abroad since she was little, despite the fact that her parents had a certain distaste for everything non-Danish. Read on for her explanation of how she decided to follow her dreams and the hardships she faced with her family. I was raised in […]

More New Communities

As promised in our Blog on Tuesday, InterNations is pleased to introduce the remaining newly implemented Communities! Below you will find information about the city the Community is in and a bit about their respective Ambassadors. Bodrum, Turkey Originally a small fisherman’s town, Bodrum became popularized by a select few Turkish intellectuals around the 1950s. […]

InterNations in the Press

If you would like to know what our members in Bodrum (Turkey) and Toronto (Canada) are currently up to, look no further: The Bodrum online edition of Hürriyet Daily News has posted about the two most recent InterNations Get-Togethers in May and June, and our latest Toronto meet-up was covered by South-Asian Generation Next. Special […]